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First Day Covers from the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Series, 1977


Queen Elizabeth II 1977 Silver Jubilee postage stamps

    Seychelles' 92 islands dot hundreds of miles between Africa and India - balmy waters that excite the imagination. To the Arabs this was the fantastic Sea of Zanj, where Sinbad found a magnetic mountain and birds so big they fed their young on elephants. Some 60 of the Seychelles are coral, but the rest including the largest island, Mehe, are granite. They reach up from a vast bank averaging from 150 to 200 feet beneath the surface. Originally uninhabited, the Seychelles were colonized by Frenchmen after 1770. Most of the 43,000 inhabitants descended from African slaves. Though the islanders have been British subjects since the end of the Napoleonic Wars, they still speak a lilting French.

    This First Day Cover honouring the Queen's Silver Jubilee was issued on September 5, 1977, at Victoria, the capital of Seychelles on Mahe Island.

Seychelles First Day Cover from the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Series, 1977