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Historical Vignettes of the North

    An ongoing series of reprints of magazine and newspaper articles with a Northern focus. If you have such articles that you'd like to share, please drop me a line.

Finnish Women in Parliament, 1911
A newspaper article on women's voting and election rights in Finland, as compared to the 'absurdity' of the American situation.

Mining in Siberia, 1909
A placer miner from California describes his experiences operating a mine in Eastern Siberia.

Yukon and Mackenzie Explorations, 1887-88
A report, published in 1890, on the surveys conducted by William Ogilvie.

'The Snow Conqueror' Steam Tractor
An 1897 press release from 'The Klondike Snow and Ice Transit Co.'

Old Landmarks Removed
An 1899 newspaper article on changing geographical names in the Yukon Territory.

Baltic Rum Runners Have Good Market
A 1923 newspaper article on the booming smuggling trade to Finland and Norway.

The Death of Dyea, Alaska
June 1900, the former boom town of the Klondike Gold Rush is officially dead.

Yukon River Disasters Very Numerous
A newspaper article from May 26, 1911 describes problems on the Yukon River.

Alaska FAQs, 1886
The Alaskan newspaper (Sitka) answers frequently asked questions about life in the new territory.