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Shipwrecks listed in Arctic Whalers, by Basil Lubbock.

Published by Brown, Son & Ferguson, Glasgow, Scotland in 1937, reprinted by them in 1955, 1968 and 1978.
Lubbock states that he has tried to give a complete history of the whaling trade, its ships and seamen, from the earliest days right down to the outbreak of the Great War.
This list has been compiled for the Whalers' Heritage Project by Yvonne Leck, and is not to be reproduced without her permission.

Also see Captains and Miscellaneous Notes (which includes some crew names) from this book.

LOST/WRECKED        DATE               HOME PORT            COMMENTS

VOLUNTEER           1746                                    Lost
HURST               1746                                    Lost
LEVIATHAN           1758                WHITBY              Lost. Crew saved.
PRINCE WILLIAM      1758                YARMOUTH            Lost. Crew saved.
BO'NESS             1758                BO'NESS             Lost. Crew saved.
CUNLIFFE            1758                LIVERPOOL           Lost. Crew saved.
ANSON               1758                LIVERPOOL           Lost. Crew saved.
EDINBURGH           1763                LEITH               Lost. 
ST. PETER           1764                LONDON              Wrecked.     
GOLDEN LYON         1765                LIVERPOOL           Wrecked.
SWALLOW             1766                NEWCASTLE           Wrecked in ice.    
NEWCASTLE           1766                NEWCASTLE           Caught fire in Howden Pans nr. Shields.  Burnt  
PITT                1766                LONDON              Crushed to pieces in 3 minutes, crew saved.     
ARTHUR              1768                LONDON              Wrecked.  Crew saved by neighbouring ships.     
ANNABELLA           1768                NEWCASTLE           Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
LITTLEHOPE                              LONDON              Wrecked.  Crew brought home by 'Royal Exchange' 
PORPOISE            1772                WHITBY              Wrecked.  Crew transfered to Dutch ship 'Hopall' 
                    1774                                    A storm in the Greenland seas.  400 Dutch and 2 British seamen stated to have been lost.
                                                                Practically all the British fleet received damage.
                    1774                                    A Dutch brig with 6 English boats' crews onboard, lost with all hands.
PENNANT             1774                                    Lost with all hands.                            
PERSEVERANCE        1774                                    Lost 5 boats, 5 men.                             
                    1774                                    A Dutch brig with 6 English boat-crews on board lost with all hands.                                 
BERRY               1778                HULL                Lost.  In transport during American war.        
WHALE FISHER        1785                LONDON              Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
BETSY               1787                LONDON                                                              
CHANCE              1788                WHITBY              Lost.                                           
LONDON              1788                LONDON                                                              
NANCY               1788                LONDON                                                              
MARY                1788                LONDON                                                              
TRIAL               1788                NEWCASTLE                                                           
ENDEAVOUR           1789                                    Wrecked.                                        
THOMPSON            1790                WHITEHAVEN          Lost.                                           
FRIENDS             1790                HULL                Lost whilst sealing.                            
URANIA              1790                SUNDERLAND          Lost whilst sealing.                            
NEPTUNE             1791                LEITH                                                               
BLESSING            1791                LONDON              Lost.                                           
HARPOONER           1792                WHITBY                                                              
PEGGY               1794                LONDON              Lost in ice.                                    
BALAENA             1795                LYNN                Wrecked                                         
GIBRALTER           1796                HULL                Captured and burnt.                             
ENTERPRISE          1798                                    Lost on trading voyage, crew saved.             
COUNT'S HOPETOWN    1798                                    Wrecked on trading voyage.                      
PEGGY               1799                LIVERPOOL           Cut in two by the ice.  Crew saved.             
MARY ANN            1800                LONDON              Lost.  49 crew saved.                           
FANNY               1803                                    Wrecked                                         
DWINA               1804                HULL                Wrecked.                                        
EAST LOTHIAN        1804                DUNBAR              Wrecked                                         
MARIA               1805                HULL                Lost. Crew picked up by 'Aurora' 2 killed by ac 
DINGWALL            1806                LONDON              Captured by the French and burnt.  Crew to Dani 
SIMES               1806                LEITH               Captured by the French and burnt.  Crew to Dani 
BOYNE               1806                YARMOUTH            Captured by the French and burnt.  Crew to Danish ship, which landed at Lerwick.
BLENHEIM            1806                                    Captured by the French and destroyed.           
HOLDERNESS          1806                                    Captured and destroyed.                         
OLIVE BRANCH        1807                                    Lost.  Cpt Wilson not heard of since.           
MINERVA             1807                HULL                Sunk.  Some crew saved by the 'Henrietta'.      
NORTH STAR          1808                LEITH               Burnt on the passage out March 1808.            
MARGARET            1809                LONDON              Wrecked at Stromness.  Crew saved.              
CATHERINE           1809                HULL                Lost upon Whale Fish Island.                    
OAKHALL             1809                HULL                Lost in ice.                                    
RODNEY              1810                DUNDEE              Lost.                                           
KONIGSBERG          1811                HULL                Wrecked.  Crushed by ice.                       
LATONA              1812                ABERDEEN            Crushed in Davis Straits.                       
OSCAR               1813                ABERDEEN            Wrecked within 200 yards of shore.  2 men drown 
LAUREL              1813                HULL                Wrecked in ice at Greenland.                    
BIRNIE              1813                GRIMSBY             Wrecked in ice Davis Straits.                   
LATONA              1813                ABERDEEN            Lost in Davis Straits.                          
AUGUSTA             1814                                    Wrecked.                                        
ROYALIST            1814                                    Sunk.  54 men and boys on board, Davis Straits. 
CLAPHAM             1815                HULL                Caught fire and blew up in Greenland.  Crew sav 
EARL OF FYFFE       1816                BANFF               Wrecked.                                        
DAUNTLESS           1817                LONDON              Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
FORTITUDE           1817                LONDON              Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
LION                1817                LIVERPOOL           Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
LEVIATHAN           1817                NEWCASTLE           Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
THREE BROTHERS      1818                HULL                Crushed in ice.  Crew saved by 'Ingria'.        
ELBE                1818                ABERDEEN            Lost                                            
DIAMOND             1819                ABERDEEN            Wrecked.                                        
RAITH               1819                LEITH               Wrecked.                                        
RATTLER             1819                LEITH               Wrecked.                                        
MARY ANN            1819                                    Wrecked.                                        
ROYAL BOUNTY        1819                LEITH               Wrecked.                                        
EQUESTRIS           1819                HULL                Wrecked.                                        
SISTERS             1819                KIRKCALDY           Wrecked.                                        
THOMAS & ANN        1819                LEITH               Wrecked.                                        
MARY ANN            1819                DUNDEE                                                              
TAY                 1819                DUNDEE                                                              
MAJESTIC            1819                LONDON              Wrecked.                                        
CHERUB              1819                HULL                Lost during the Autumn at Wingo.                
HOPE                1820                LONDON                                                              
BROTHERS            1820                                    Lost in Davis Straits 29th June.                
HEBE                1821                                    Lost on outward bound 9 miles north of Aberdeen 
HIGH FLYER          1820                                    Lost in Greenland seas.                         
THORNTON            1821                HULL                                                                
AURORA              1821                                    Wrecked.                                        
EARL FAUCONBERG     1821                GRIMSBY             Lost.                                           
HARMONY             1821                                    Lost.                                           
CERVANTES           1821                                    Lost                                            
LEVIATHAN           1821                                                                                    
JOHN                1821                                                                                    
HENRY               1821                                                                                    
SYMMETRY            1821                HULL                                                                
ELIZABETH           1821                ABERDEEN                                                            
LARKINS             1821                LEITH                                                               
DEXTERITY           1821                DUNDEE                                                              
KING GEORGE         1822                LONDON              Lost with all hands off Greenland.              
LADY FORBES         1822                LIVERPOOL           Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
ELIZA               1822                N. SHIELDS                                                          
VALIANT             1822                WHITBY                                                              
INVINCIBLE          1822                PETERHEAD                                                           
CALYPSO             1822                DUNDEE              Lost                                            
BRITISH QUEEN       1822                NEWCASTLE                                                           
HERO                1822                MONTROSE            Wrecked.                                        
ELIZA               1822                NEWCASTLE                                                           
FAME                1823                                    Destroyed by fire whilst anchored at Stromness. 
CYRUS               1823                HULL                Wrecked.                                        
ALERT               1823                PETERHEAD           Wrecked.                                        
AIMWELL             1824                WHITBY              Sank.                                           
ESTRIDGE            1825                DUNDEE              Wrecked.  7 crew transferred to the 'Brunswick' 
LIVELY              1825                BERWICK                                                             
SUCCESS             1825                LEITH                                                               
DON                 1825                ABERDEEN                                                            
HARLINGEN           1826                HARLINGEN           Wrecked.  Crew picked up by the 'Dundee'.       
JEAN                1826                PETERHEAD           Wrecked.  46 crew transferred to the 'Dundee'   
LIVELY              1826                WHITBY              Lost with all hands.                            
HARPOONER           1826                BREMEN              Lost with all hands.                            
CICERO              1826                                    Lost.  Crew rescued by 'Andrew Marvel'.         
DEXTERITY           1826                PETERHEAD           Crushed in ice, crew spread amongst fleet.      
ESK                 1826                WHITBY              Broke in two off Redcar. Only 4 of the 227 crew reached the shore alive (3 sailors and Cpt DUNBAR
                                                                 Cpt Dunbar died after being carried back to the beach.
MERCURY             1827                                    Crushed in Baffin Bay.                          
BRUNSWICK           1827                                    Wrecked.  2 men drowned.                        
ACTIVE              1828                                    8 crew drowned, survivors brought home on Danis 
ALPHEUS             1828                                    Wrecked 17/7/1828.                              
ENTERPRISE          1828                PETERHEAD           Crushed.                                        
ELIZABETH           1828                                                                                    
JANE                1829                ABERDEEN            Wrecked.  Crew rescued.                         
DAUNTLESS           1829                HULL                Wrecked.                                        
ROCKWOOD            1829                LONDON              Wrecked.                                        
LAETITIA            1830                ABERDEEN            Wrecked.  Davis Straits.                        
PRINCE OF WALES     1830                                    Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
RESOLUTION          1830                ABERDEEN            Wrecked Davis Straits.                          
WILLIAM & ANN       1830                WHITBY              Wrecked, Davis Straits.  Crew saved.            
WILLIAM             1830                HULL                Wrecked Davis Straits. Cpt North died a few day 
NORTH BRITON        1830                HULL                Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
ALEXANDER           1830                ABERDEEN            Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
GILDER              1830                HULL                Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
THREE BROTHERS      1830                DUNDEE              Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
HOPE                1830                PETERHEAD           Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
MIDDLETON           1830                DUNDEE              Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
PROGRESS            1830                HULL                Wrecked.  Cpt transferred to the 'James'.       
JOHN                1830                GREENOCK            Wrecked, Davis Straits.  Cpt Coombe died.       
RESOLUTION          1830                PETERHEAD           Wrecked.                                        
WILLIAM & ANN       1830                WHITBY              Wrecked, Cpt TERRY transferred to the Eagle along with the carpenter and 12 seamen.
ARCHILLES           1830                DUNDEE              Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
BAFFIN              1830                LEITH               Wrecked, Davis Straits.                         
RATTLER             1830                LEITH               Wrecked, Davis Striats.                         
JAMES               1831                PETERHEAD           Crushed in ice May 25th, Davis Straits.         
NEPTUNE             1831                LONDON              Lost in ice at Melville Bay, Davis Straits.     
RAMBLER             1831                BURNTISLAND         Lost in gale 1st September, Melville Bay.       
EGGINTON            1832                KIRKCALDY                                                           
WILLIAM YOUNG       1832                LEITH                                                               
ARIEL               1832                HULL                                                                
JUNO                1832                LEITH                                                               
INGRIA              1833                                                                                    
LORD WELLINGTON     1834                HULL                                                                
LONDON              1834                MONTROSE            Wrecked.                                        
HENRIETTA           1834                ABERDEEN            Wrecked.                                        
ISABELLA            1835                                    Wrecked, crew badly frost bitten, rescued.      
LEE                 1835                                    Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
MARY FRANCIS        1835                                    Wrecked, crew saved.                            
DORDON              1835                                    Wrecked.  Some crew saved.                      
MIDDLETON           1835                                    Wrecked.  47 crew saved.                        
WILLIAM TORR        1835                                    Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
ALFRED              1835                                                                                    
THOMAS              1836                                    Wrecked.  3 of the crew transferred to the 'Dee 
ADVICE              1836                DUNDEE              Wrecked.  7 survivors out of 49 including Capt. 
MARGARET            1836                LONDON              Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
RIBY GROVE          1838                                    Lost in ice.                                    
HECLA               1840                PETERHEAD           Lost in ice.                                    
RANGER              1843                PETERHEAD           Wrecked.                                        
BON ACCORD          1847                                    Lost in ice.                                    
CALEDONIA           1847                                    Lost in ice.                                    
ALFRED              1847                                    Lost in ice.                                    
MARY                1849                ABERDEEN            Lost with all hands.  A sealer.                 
SUPERIOR            1849                PETERHEAD           Crushed.                                        
LADY JANE           1849                NEWCASTLE           Crushed.                                        
PRINCE OF WALES     1849                                    Wrecked.                                        
JOSEPH GREEN        1852                PETERHEAD           Wrecked.                                        
MACLELLAN           1852                American            Wrecked.                                        
GERMANIA            1854                HULL                Wrecked in ice.                                 
HEBE                1854                HULL                Wrecked in ice.                                 
VIOLET              1854                HULL                Wrecked in ice.                                 
SARAH & ELIZABETH   1857                                                                                    
GIPSY               1857                PETERHEAD                                                           
UNDAUNTED           1857                PETERHEAD                                                           
ECLIPSE             1858                PETERHEAD                                                           
TRAVELLER           1858                PETERHEAD                                                           
HEROINE             1858                DUNDEE                                                              
JANE                1858                B0'NESS                                                             
INNUIT              1858                PETERHEAD                                                           
EMPRESS OF INDIA    1858                PETERHEAD                                                           
CHASE               1860                HULL                Wrecked.                                        
ST. ANDREW          1861                ABERDEEN            Lost with all hands                             
COMMERCE            1861                PETERHEAD           Wrecked.                                        
ANNE                1861                HULL                Wrecked.                                        
ABRAM               1862                KIRKCALDY           Wrecked.                                        
LORD GAMBIER        1862                KIRKCALDY           Wrecked,                                        
CHIEFTAIN           1862                KIRKCALDY           Wrecked.                                        
ARCTIC              1862                ABERDEEN            Wrecked.                                        
RESOLUTION          1862                PETERHEAD           Wrecked                                         
PACIFIC             1863                ABERDEEN            Lost                                            
AELUS               1865                HULL                Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
DIANA               1868                HULL                Wrecked off the Humber on return home.  Crew sa 
ARCTIC              1874                                    Wrecked.                                        
EIRA                1882                                    Crushed in ice.  Crew saved.                    
MAZINTHIEN          1883                DUNDEE              Lost on rocks off Peterhead.  50 crew saved.    
PROTEUS             1883                                    Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
RESOLUTE            1886                DUNDEE              Lost at Newfoundland sealing.  Crew saved.      
ARCTIC II           1887                                    Lost.                                           
POLYNIA             1891                                    Sunk.  Crew of 37 picked up by 'Aurora'.        
HOPE                1901                                    Lost.  194 crew rescued.                        
NOVA ZEMBLA         1902                                    Wrecked.  42 crew saved.                        
ALERT               1902                                    Wrecked.  Crew saved.                           
WINDWARD            1907                DUNDEE              Wrecked.  Crew saved.