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Carcross, Yukon: Photos, Events and More

A Guide to Carcross


Life on the Edge: Images of Carcross
A "virtual" year of life in the village - 50 images by Murray Lundberg.

An Explorer's Guide to Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon
Photos of and information about 26-mile-long Lake Bennett - fascinating history, and one of the finest wilderness areas in the Yukon and/or northern BC.

Carcross, 2003
An album by Galen R. Frysinger.

The Carcross Footbridge
The history of the bridge and a large album of photos from the 2007 construction of a new bridge.

Carcross Historic Photos
Postcards from the community's past.

Carcross Dunes Photo Album
Thirteen photos of the ecosystem, from its source and beauty to threats to it.

Carcross Webcam
See some of the best views captured by the CarcrossCam that ran for several years.

'Nature Week' in Carcross
Seeing wildlife around Carcross isn't unusual, but the period from June 20 through July 3, 2005 was exceptional.

Thanks to Canada Post's "Picture Postage" programme, there is a Carcross postage stamp as of September 2005. It was produced with an image from the CarcrossCam.

Carcross postage stamp


A Midnight Sun Hike
Summer solstice celebrations come in some unique forms in the North - join a group of hikers who watched the sun from the top of a mountain at Carcross in June 2001.

The Tagish Lake Meteor
On January 18, 2000, a meteor exploded over Carcross, joining a short list of famous Northern meteors.

UFOs over Carcross
UFO*BC has a very detailed report of a strange "flying machine" seen over Montana Mountain in 1988. Includes many photos of the location.

Other Information about Carcross

Carcross Tagish First Nation
CFTN controls much of the land in the Carcross area, and this large site provides comprehensive information about services and managament issues.

Brian and Anita's ham radio base (formerly N1HUT) is a 100-year-old cabin on the shore of Lake Bennett.

From The Weather Network, current and 7-day forecast, as well as historic weather statistics.

From Environment Canada, current conditions and the 5-day forecast.

Yukon's Most Wanted
Ronald Jeffrey Bax is still wanted for the 1992 murder of Krystal Senyk at Carcross.

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