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The All-Yukon Menu, 1919

An Explorer's Guide to Dawson City, Yukon

Posted on April 26, 2020

    Food security and eating local are much more common topics of conversation now, during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. It's quite amazing what the Yukon was able to put together in that way over a century ago. The Arcade Cafe in Dawson showed what they could get from "Yukon Farm, Forest or Stream" for their "All-Yukon Menu," in the Dawson Daily News of August 18, 1919.

    The Arcade Cafe advertised themselve as the "Most famous restaurant of the Land of the Midnight Sun - Mecca of the Tourist and Home of the Sourdough - Headquarters of the All-Yukon Dinner, the meal that keeps the money at home, and proves that Yukon is in the great food producing belt of the continent."