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Photos of Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Lake Bennett, BC & Yukon
This photo shows the Gridiron Mine on the west side of Lake Bennett as it looked in 2003. The operators were looking for gold and silver primarily. The 1901 Annual Report for the British Columbia Minister of Mines stated that: "The assessment work on the Gridiron Group, owned by Messrs. Whitfield and Hildebrand, has been completed and it is intended to apply for a Crown grant. This ore has assayed high and the owners are satisfied with their success." The 1904 Annual Report states that a tunnel has been driven 110 feet, and a wharf, shack, and blacksmith shop have been built, but the property never appears again in subsequent reports. For more information, see Mining at Lake Bennett, British Columbia.

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Historic Gridiron Mine on Lake Bennett, BC