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    Administered by Yukon resident Murray Lundberg, ExploreNorth originated in February 1997 as a "Yukon & Alaska History" Web site that Murray built for a new network of content-driven sites known as The Mining Company. In 1999, The Mining Company was re-organized as About.com, and "Yukon & Alaska History" was expanded to become the "Arctic/Northern Culture" site in their huge network that peaked at about 2,500 sites. For a few months, Murray ran 2 sites for them, "Arctic/Northern Culture" (see a screenshot of that site), and "Canada Far North". After going independent in 2001, the focus of ExploreNorth for 12 years was the circumpolar North in the broadest sense - from the arts to fishing and hunting, science to tourism. In the Fall of 2013, the site was scaled back dramatically, and now only covers Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and northern British Columbia, and the focus is history and tourism.

    Hundreds of original features provide information that is available nowhere else, and the extensive use of photographs ensures that you get an in-depth look at the real North.

    We encourage feedback if you find an error in a feature. The comments sections of the hundreds of posts at The ExploreNorth Blog are available for any discussions about the North.

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