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A Guide to Chicken, Alaska

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A view of Chicken, Alaska from the Taylor Highway     Chicken, located on the Taylor Highway between Tok and the Alaska-Yukon border west of Dawson City, is a colourful village which has a year-round population of only about a dozen.

    Gold mining has been carried on in the area since 1886, and the post office, established in 1903, is one of the oldest in interior Alaska.

    There are 4 distinctive sections of Chicken now, all quite widely spaced. Coming in from the east, there's "New Chicken" (where The Goldpanner is), then the original townsite (to the north of, and not visible from, the highway). If you turn south off the highway on Airport Road you come to the "Chicken Mall" and The Original Chicken Gold Camp, and finally there's the post office area at the west edge of town.

    Two historic attractions are accessible in Chicken. The Pedro Dredge, the historic dredge that mined Chicken Creek, is located at The Original Chicken Gold Camp, and tours through it are available for $5. The original townsite is now on the National Register of Historical Places and tours of the remaining buildings are given daily at 9 am and 1 pm starting at The Goldpanner at Mile 66.8. Lasting about an hour, the excellent tours cost only $5. per person.

Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost
Home of the Pedro Gold Dredge, offering an RV park, the best gold panning in Alaska, breakfasts and lunches and more.

Welcome to Historical Chicken, Alaska
The folks at The Goldpanner have posted historic and current photos, community and mining history, and information on year-round activities.

Why Do They Call it "Chicken"??
A short animated lesson in Alaska nomenclature.

Downtown Chicken
Douglas DeVore has put together a very entertaining site about this tiny village.

Anne Hobbs Purdy
A very short biography of the author of Tisha, the popular book about her years teaching in Eagle, Tetlin, and Chicken.

Chicken Cemetery
Far off in the forest above Chicken is a cemetery with 12-15 graves, abandoned for many decades.

The Chicken Creek Hotel
A short introduction to the building, with photos of the hotel in 1907, and as an abandoned school in 1999.

The Cowden Dredge
A short illustrated article.

The Jack Wade Dredge
A photo album showing the dredge when it was a popular attraction on the Taylor Highway, and the interpretive display in Chicken that uses parts from the dredge.

Pedro Gold Dredge
Originally operated by the Fairbanks Exploration Company, this Yuba dredge now rests at an RV park at Chicken.

Geologic Map of Chicken, Alaska
A small section of a map in US Geologic Survey Bulletin 375, published in 1909.

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Clicking on the aerial view of Chicken below will open an interactive map at Google Maps, in a new window (the image resolution for this area is still quite low, so the detail is poor).