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Poker Creek, Alaska

    Poker Creek is located on the Top of the World Highway between Dawson City, Yukon and Tok, Alaska, at the Alaska/Yukon border. As it is just a Customs post, and the road is closed once the snow flies, there are no permanent residents. In an average year, the road is open from May 15 through September 15, but there has been a great deal of reluctance by Alaska Highways to plow the drifts from the road in the spring, so that opening date could get much later.

    Poker Creek sits at an elevation of 4,127 feet (1,258 meters), is 66 miles (105 km) from Dawson City and 108 miles 176 km) from Tok. The bottom photo on this page shows the post from the summit of the highway, which is 4,515 feet (1,376 meters) high.

    A hundred yards east of Poker Creek is the Canadian Customs post, named Little Gold Creek. In 1999 it consisted of just a construction trailer, as the cottage that had previously housed Customs had been torn down in preparation for a new joint US-Canada Customs station.

US Customs at Poker Creek, Alaska

US Customs at Poker Creek, Alaska

Poker Creek, Alaska, from the summit of the Top of the World Highway

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Photographs are © 1999-2013 by Murray Lundberg