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An Explorer's Guide to Sitka, Alaska

Explorer's Guides to Northern Communities

Sitka, Alaska
Population: 8,407 (2021)
Latitude 57° 03' 11.33" N, Longitude 135° 20' 11.59" W

    The links below will give you a great deal more information about the Sitka area and its attractions. In particular, our photo album is captioned to give you information about the site (or sight) being shared, and the Visit Sitka website will give you tour operators' contact information as well as lots more.

Sitka Links

Sitka Photo Gallery

Visit Sitka

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The History of Sitka:
  * The History of Sitka
  * War Fears in Sitka, Alaska, December 1941: Part 1
  * Explosion in Sitka, Alaska, October 1941

Photojournals: A Day in Sitka
  * A visit to Sitka, with a great marine wildlife tour
  * A marine wildlife tour at Sitka

Clicking on the aerial view of Sitka below will open an interactive map at Google Maps, in a new window.
Sitka, Alaska - Google Earth image