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Miscellaneous Articles

by Murray Lundberg and others

Many of the great videos I post aren't related to the North, I just think that they're worth sharing.

Inn-side British Columbia by Automobile, 1961
This 51-page book, written by Bruce Ramsey and Ormond Turner, was co-sponsored by the Standard Oil Company of British Columbia and the BC Hotels Association.

Building Plastic Models, and a History of Airfix Models
When I was a youngster in the 1950s and early '60s, pretty well every boy I knew built plastic models of cars and aircraft, and some expanded into ships and military equipment.

A History of BC's Fraser Canyon, 1808-1966
From Simon Fraser's epic journey through the canyon, to railway and wagon road construction, and a modern highway.

"Deadly Silence" - Flying Single-Engine Aircraft
The true story of a very bad night on the coast of British Columbia in 1987.

Parliament, Hill, Ottawa
A lengthy illustrated feature by Dr. Lucien Brault.