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Spanish Place Names on the Face of Alaska

by Dr. Arsenio Rey-Tejerina

Prince of Wales Island

      This week, I have the pleasure of introducing another guest author. Dr. Arsenio Rey-Tejerina is the chairman of the Division of Romance Languages at the University of Alaska (Anchorage), and has conducted extensive research on the Spanish explorations of Alaska.

      This comprehensive article decribes the names as you would encounter them on a tour around the island by boat, starting at the southeast corner of the island, and sailing counter-clockwise around the island:
Part 1 describes the names from Núñez Rocks to Parida Island Reef,
Part 2 from Boca de Bodega to Núñez Point.

      This article provides not only an extremely good research tool for students of Alaska history, but also emphasizes the importance of recognizing the historical significance of the names that surround us. For future reference convenience, I have included below an alphabetical list of names in this article, with hot-links to the related section of the article.

Books by Dr. Arsenio Rey-Tejerina:

Alberto Islands
Alberto Reef
Bahía de Quevedo
Ballena Islands
Ballena Island Shoal
Bay of Torres
Blanquizal Island
Blanquizal Point
Bocas de Almirante
Bocas de Apodaca
Boca de Bodega
Caamaño Point
Cabo de las Lomas
California Bay
Canal de Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Canal Ulloa
Cañas Island
Canoa Point
Cape Chacón
Cape Flores
Cape Suspiro
Channel of Our Lady of the Carmel
Cordova Bay
Coronados Islands
Culebra Islands
Culebrina Island
El Capitán Peak
El Capitán Passage
El Capitán Lake
El Capitán Island
Ensenada de Torres
Evia Point
Galea Lake
Galician Islands
Hermanos Islands
Isla la Desgraciada
Isla Gallegas
Isla Partida
Isla de Paba
Isla del Rosario
Isla de San Felipe
Isla Totí
Isla del Viejo
Kendrick Bay
Kendrick Island
Ladrones Islands
Larzatita Island
Larzatita Island Reef
Madre de Dios Island
Mariposa Reef
Mexico Point
Nuestra Señora de los Dolores
Núñez Point
Núñez Rocks
Parida Island
Parida Island Reef
Perlas Point
Phillips Rock
Point Ildefonso
Point Lomas
Point Miraballes
Point Providence
Point Saint Sebastian
Port Bagial
Port Caldera
Port Estrella
Port Saint Nicholas
Punta Delgada
Punta de Evia
Punta de los Islotillos
Punta de la Providencia
Punta San Cosme
Punta de San Filipe
Punta de San Yldefonso
Punta del Sosiego
Quevedo's Bay
Ranchería Island
Rio Beaver Valley Road
Rosary Island
Saint Nicholas Lake
Saint Philip Island
Sal Creek
San Alberto Bay
San Antonio Point
San Christoval Channel
San Christoval Rock
Sombrero Island
Totí Island
Tranquil Point
Trocadero Bay
Ulloa Channel
Ulloa Island
Unlucky Island