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Photos of the Pioneer Cemetery at Skagway, Alaska

Pioneer Cemetery at Skagway, Alaska
In memory of
Charles C. Larson
May 17, 1891
Jan. 31, 1935

Charles Larson was killed just after 11:00 a.m. on January 30, 1935, when the International Airways plane he was a passenger in crashed near the summit of the White Pass during a snow storm. He had arrived at Skagway from Vancouver on the Princess Norah the day before, and was returning to Dawson where he operated a gold dredge. Men at the White Pass railroad section house heard the crash and saw the wreckage roll down the mountainside onto the top of a snowshed. Also killed were pilot Lawrence Muehleisen, Archie King, and John R. Muralt. Larson was survived by a wife and 2 children. International Airways was owned by Clyde G. Wann of Whitehorse and the aircraft was a Buhl CA-6 Airsedan.

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Grave of  in the Pioneer Cemetery at Skagway, Alaska