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Northern Cemeteries and Graves

A Guide to Skagway, Alaska

Off-Cemetery Graves near Skagway, Alaska

by Murray Lundberg

Harriet Pullen's Grave at Skagway, Alaska

The following people have been buried in locations other than cemeteries near Skagway:

Maurice Dunn
A. Jeneaux

While the details of these deaths seem to have never been confirmed by historical records, what is now called Black Cross Rock at Milepost 10.4 of the White Pass & Yukon Route railway is said to be the final resting place of Maurice Dunn and A. Jeneaux, reported to have been killed on August 10, 1898 (some sources say August 3), when a blast during construction of the railway toppled a 100-ton boulder onto them. Their bodies were never recovered, but a memorial with a black cross was erected on top of the rock.

The sign along the rail line marking the gravesite can be seen here.

Harriet Smith Pullen

Aug 13 1860
Aug 09 1947

A broad view of the gravesite can be seen here, and an even broader look from the rail line here.

Harriet Pullen arrived in Skagway on September 12, 1897, having left her family in Washington State. She started working as a cook in a tent, but within 4 years, Harriet opened the Pullen House hotel in the large home built by Captain William Moore. In the early years, the amenities offered by the Pullen House were significant in getting cruise ships to stop in Skagway. See much more information about Harriet Pullen and the Pullen House here.

Paul Wallin

1950 - 1994

Paul Wallin, of Homer, Alaska, was killed on November 29, 1994, when the Railroad Dock at Skagway collapsed because of a huge underwater landslide. Wallin, a welder, was working on the wooden 1,300-foot-long dock when 900 feet of it was destroyed. The slide occurred at 7:12 p.m., and triggered a 25-foot wave that did millions of dollars in damage to other structures. Wallin's body was never recovered - it is assumed that his body is buried under mud and rock. A new concrete Railroad Dock was built at the same location.