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Arctic & Northern Explorations: Biographies - "A" & "B"

Amundsen, Roald - None Have Gone Before
A very good summary of Amundsen's life and explorations, by Linn Ryne.

Amundsen, Roald
This well-illustrated article by Barbara Rhodes explores the 1928 crash of Umberto Nobile's airship Italia, and the subsequent search for Amundsen.

Amundsen Cabin - Eagle, Alaska
A photo of the cabin where Amundsen lived, as it looked in 1984.

Andrée, Salomon August
In 1897, Andrée headed for the North Pole in a hot-air balloon - Wilbur Cross and Thorleif Hellbom tell about his life and death.

Balchen, Bernt
A biography of one of the foremost aerial pioneers of the polar regions, by the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Balchen, Bernt
A well-illustrated biography from ArlingtonCemetery.net.

Barents, Willem
A brief biography from Wikipedia. Surname also spelled Barentsz or Barentz.

Barrow, John
While not an explorer himself, Barrow was responsible to sending out many of the most famous of British Arctic expeditions. This book, "Barrow's Boys", is by Fergus Fleming.

Bartlett, Robert Abram
In 2009, Canada celebrated the life of one of the greatest Arctic explorers in history - a postage stamp was issued on July 10, 2009.

Bering, Vitus
A huge annotated map showing the routes of Bering's first (1725-30) and second (1733-1741) expeditions, including Chirikov's 1741 voyage.

Vitus Bering & the Steller's Sea Cow
The discovery by Bering's crew of the easily-hunted sea cow of the coast of Alaska soon led to its extinction.

Boyd, Louise Arner
Her first visit to the Arctic was in 1924 - she participated in many explorations, and in 1955, at the age of 68, became the first woman to fly over the North Pole.

Byrd, Richard E.
An excellent summary of an eventful life, by the Byrd Polar Research Center.

Byrd - First to the Pole?
This very detailed report looks at the circumstances of the flight and suggests explanations to verify the truth of Byrd's accomplishment.

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