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Alaska Highway - Historic Road Reports

Alaska Highway Chronology

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Whitehorse Star - April 30, 1954

Alaska Highway Road report, 1954

    The highway is open and in fair travelling condition from Dawson Creek to Whitehorse. From Whitehorse to the Alaska bordert he highway is in good travelling condition. Recent light snowfall in the vicinity of Fort Nelson combined with mild weather during daylight hours has made the road in this section somewhat slippery. The remainder of the highway is bare and the dust condition is becoming quite serious. Caution should be observed in passing.

    Contractors are working on the replacement of the following bridges: Lower Rancherie, Mile 687.2 CMA, Upper Rancheria Mile 721.6 CMA, Nisutlin Bay Mile 803.4 CMA, Slim's River Mile 1059.8. These locations are well signed and caution should be observed.

    The Beatton River Access Road is closed for all traffic over 6,000 pounds gross weight till further notice. The Aishihik Access Road is closed from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. until further notice. All other access roads are open and in fair to good travelling condition. Haines Road closed.

Whitehorse Star - June 11, 1954

Alaska Highway Road report, 1954

    The following road report is provided courtesy of NWHS and CNT:

    The Highway is open and in fair travelling condition throughout. Water remains relatively high in all rivers but has receded from the high level of a week ago. The water level at Nisutlin Bay, Mile 803.4, rises daily but bridge take of loads is satisfactory and no problem there apart from driftwood control is anticipated.

    From Dawson Creek to Mile 496, Lower Liard River section, light rain during the past week has enabled surface blading to remove some rough areas.

    Dust conditions from Mile 496, Lower Liard River section, to Whitehorse have made driving somewhat hazardous and traffic should use caution. Motorists should also use caution in areas where summer crews are working, these areas being well signed road narrows around Muncho Lake.

    Beatton River Road is open but extremely slippery when wet. All other access roads open and in fair driving condition.

    These reports have been reproduced exactly as originally printed, including spelling and typesetting errors. Some of the titles are scans from photocopies of the original newspapers.

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