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Dyea, Alaska, Saturday, April 16, 1898

A Boatman Drowned.

    On Tuesday evening last, a boatman named Peter Peterson was engaged by a gentleman to take him and his trunk to Skaguay. The start was made at 6 o'clock, there not then being enough wind to propel the boat and Peterson rowed to the point about half way between Dyea and Skaguay. Just after rounding the point Peterson hoisted the sail and a few minutes afterwards the boat was struck by a severe wind storm and was capsized, throwing the occupants into the water. The passenger managed to reach the upturned boat to which he clung until he was rescued more dead than alive. Peterson sank almost immediately and was not seen again until Thursday morning when his body was found on the rocks. It was brought to Dyea and was buried yesterday. A collection of $40 was taken up to defray the funeral expenses.

Although any grave marker that was placed for Peter Peterson has disappeared, there is a photo-inventory of those that do remain at the Dyea cemeteries posted here.

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