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James Y. C. "Jimmy" Quong

    The memorial seen below is located at / Icefield Ranges Rest Area at Km 1755.5, near the Donjek River Bridge on the Alaska Highway. It reads:

    For 40 years, Jim worked and lived in Yukon where he will be remembered for his part in the development of the highway bridge system.
    Since May 1942, Jim worked on the Alaska Highway project as a young draughtsman where he designed and oversaw the initial construction of many temporary timber bridges, crucial to the transportation of materials and equipment required for the Alaska Highway project.
    After completion of the military road in 1946, Jim continued to work on the design and construction of 133 permanent bridges to replace the temporary timber bridges. Jim is associated with most bridges throughout the length of the Alaska Highway.
    In 1964, Jim joined the Department of Public Works Canada and remained with them as Senior Departmental Representative and Manager of Civil Engineering until his retirement in 1981.
    Throughout his highway career, Jim carried his camera and was able to capture life and work along the highway. Today, his photographs can be viewed in Yukon museums displays.
    Jim Quong passed away in Vancouver in 2003 at the age of 86.

Donjek Valley / Icefield Ranges Rest Area, Yukon

Jimmy Quong
A CKRW Yukon Nugget by Les McLaughlin.