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Citizens Prevent Blaze From Spreading To Adjoining Buildings

Whitehorse Star, July 17, 1936

    CARCROSS, July 13. - Fire of unknown origin broke out today at 4:30 p.m. in the old Scott Hotel, and in forty minutes completely demolished the building and School House nearby.
    The fire was first noted by Mr. J.O. Williams, Collectors of Customs, and in no time the whole town was out to fight the fire. The citizens, aided by the White Pass & Yukon Route bridge crew, were able to prevent the blaze from spreading to the home of Mr. And Mrs. T. Lewis.
    For the last few years the hotel has been partly used as a lecture room by Mr. Patsy Henderson, and a Tea Room. Mr. Henderson is well known throughout the country for his lectures on the North, and was at the original discovery of gold on Bonanza Creek. He lost almost everything in connection with his lectures, including many old relics of the North.
    In the School House all the equipment was saved, with the exception of the Principal's desk and the blackboard.
    The fire was so great that the White Pass & Yukon Route were forced to move their freight cars out of the danger zone.
    Much credit is due the citizens for their quick response to the alarm, thus averting any great damage to the adjoining buildings. One cannot speak too highly of the courage and fortitude displayed by the women and girls who carried water and helped to remove furnishings from the doomed buildings. Harold Dawson and the Northern Airways staff deserve especial mention for their efforts to control the fire, as also does Matthew Watson, who as usual did a little more than his share, probably in his "spare time."

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