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The friendly approach at Fox Point Lodge, Alaska Highway

Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Star - Monday, February 5, 1962

Fox Point Lodge, Alaska Highway

    Fox Point Lodge & Trailer Park,
    Teslin, Yukon,
    27 January 1962

Whitehorse Star
Whitehorse, Yukon

Dear Harry:

    After reading your short editorial on "friendliness" in your 22 January issue I thought you might be interested in seeing a copy of the Christmas Letter which we sent to all those who had stopped at Fox Point last summer.

    We received answers from nearly every State. Friendly letters and cards saying how much they had enjoyed their trip up the Hiway and were showing their pictures to friends who were also interested in making the trip.

    We are starting business here at Fox Point in a very modest way. We are building for the future on friendliness, courtesy and service. But above all on friendliness. It seems to be appreciated, and most people respond in a like manner. To me, the future looks very bright for all those dealing with the travelling public and a smile and a cheerful greeting goes a long way in insuring that bright future.

                (Sgd.) Wesley
                Wesley D. Doe

    This is the letter of greeting Mr. Doe sent out:

    Fox Point, Mile 807, Alaska Highway,
    Teslin, Yukon, Canada
    30 November 1961

    A CHRISTMAS LETTER to those who stayed with us at Fox Point this past summer and also to those of you who stopped only for a moment.

    This letter is being written well in advance of the Holiday Season as we wish to be one of the first to extend our BEST WISHES to you and your loved ones. We also want you to know that we appreciate your stopping with us, this our first season on the Alaska Hiway.

    But as this is the season of truth and honesty I must admit that this letter is being written today because: It is -40°, the cars won't start, the plumbing is frozen, there is no traffic on the Hiway and I have nothing to do except melt blocks of ice as we need water.

    Teslin Lake froze over yesterday, almost a month earlier than usual. For the past several days with the temperature between -10°, and -22° the lake has been a beautiful sight. As the air was colder than the water it caused steam. As far as one could see, columns of steam were spirling into the air, rising in some cases to a height of 100-150 feet above the water.

    It looked like a thousand geysers, water spouts or tornados. Today the steam is gone and where many of you fished there is only a vast expanse of ice.

    Fox Point is as beautiful in the winter as in the summer. The green spruce and pines thrust their way skyward through the white blanket that covers the earth. The silent snow covered hills seem closer than ever and the majestic peaks of the 5 Aces still stand guard over all across the lake. At night the air crackles and sighs, the stars are only a whisper away and the northern lights dance and quiver their way across the sky. No matter what is happening in other parts of the world the earth is at Peace up here. God is as close as the stars or a silent prayer. He seems particularly close here in the North Country. Every night is Christmas Eve in its silence and beauty.

    May we once again extend to you and yours our sincere BEST WISHES for the Holidays and the year to come.

                Betty & Wesley Doe