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Silver City, Yukon, 1912

An Explorer's Guide to Silver City, Yukon

The document below was sent to George Black, Commissioner of the Yukon, on August 12, 1912, by Dominion Lands Agent Robert Miller, whose office was in Whitehorse. The text reads:

    I beg to forward you herewith, in triplicate, application, with sketch, of Mr. Walter Alexander Lamb, of Kluane, Freighter, for the purchase of five (5) acres of land near Silver Creek, Kluane Lake, and lying about 500 feet North West of the office of the Kluane Mining Recorder.
    This land is wanted for Road House purposes. It is not suitable for agriculture and has no timber of value on it. Mr. Lamb is willing to pay $10.00 per acre for it.
    I would respectfully recommend that this application be approved.
        Your obedient servant,
        R. G. Miller
        Agent Dominion Lands"

The sketch shows the road house's location along the Wagon Road to Whitehorse, and further states that "Lamb's Road House, lies 1300 ft., more or less, from the East shore of Kluane Lake, and about 500 ft. North West of the Mining Recorder's Office."