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Silver City (Kluane Village), Yukon, April 1913

An Explorer's Guide to Silver City, Yukon

The document below was sent to Dominion Lands Agent Robert Miller by Walter A. Lamb on April 14, 1913. The text reads:

    I beg to withdraw my application, made on 12th August, 1912, for the purchase of five acres of land in the village of Kluane. I may say that I have sold my interests in four acres of said tract, including all buildings and appurtenances, to Mr. Archibland D. MacLennan, and he purposes applying for the said four acres.
    I wish, however, to retain the fifth acre, which contains the body of my decased uncle, Josephus Lamb, and will make a special application for same. This acre contains no feature of value. It is situated on the top of a high gravel ridge in rear of Kluane Village and I trust will be granted to me.
        Sincerely yours,
        Walter A Lamb"