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Silver City (Kluane Village), Yukon, June 1913

An Explorer's Guide to Silver City (Kluane Village), Yukon

The document below was sent to George Black, Commissioner of the Yukon Territory, by Archibald Duncan MacLennan on June 2, 1913. The text reads:

"Application to purchase Dominion Lands.
Kluane, Y.T., June 2nd, 1913.
    I, Archibald Duncan MacLennan of Kluane in the Yukon Territory, Mining Recorder, hereby apply to purchase the four acres of land, situated about 1300 feet from the shore of Lake Kluane and about 1500 feet north of the mouth of Silver creek, lies north-west from the office of the Mining Recorder for the Kluane Mining District. I am willing to pay $10.00 per acre for this land.
    In making this Application to purchase the above land, I affirm it to be unoccupied and unimproved except by myself, at this date, and agree that the sale to me of same shall be void if my affirmation prove incorrect.
        A. D. MacLennan"