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Silver City (Kluane), Yukon, March 1934

An Explorer's Guide to Silver City (Kluane), Yukon

This letter from the Dominion Lands Board to the Yukon Crown Timber and Land Agent requests information on the status of A. D. MacLennan's application for the 4 acres of land at Kluane. The text reads:

"Dear Sir, -
    Kindly refer to your file 730 with reference to the application of Mr. A. D. MacLennan to purchase a tract of land containing four acres situated north of Silver Creek on Lake Kluane.
    On the 17th January, 1933, the Department approved of the Comptroller's recommendation that Mr. McLennan be granted an extension of time to the 17th January, 1934, within which to have his land surveyed.
    As the extension of time granted Mr. McLennan has now expired will you kindly furnish a report in connection with this entry.

        Yours very truly,
        J. Lorne Turner
        Acting Chairman
        Dominion Lands Board"