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Ecoregions of Alaska

Alaska Ecoregions Map
USGS Ecoregions of Alaska Map - by A.L. Gallant, 1996

    Ecoregions are based on perceived patterns of a combination of causal and integrative factors including land use, land surface form, potential natural vegetation, and soils. There are 20 ecoregions:

101. Arctic Coastal Plain
102. Arctic Foothills
103. Brooks Range
104. Interior Forested Lowlands and Uplands
105. Interior Highlands
106. Interior Bottomlands
107. Yukon Flats
108. Ogilvie Mountains
109. Subarctic Coastal Plains
110. Seward Peninsula
111. Ahklun and Kilbuck Mountains
112. Bristol Bay-Nushagak Lowlands
113. Alaska Peninsula Mountains
114. Aleutian Islands
115. Cook Inlet
116. Alaska Range
117. Copper Plateau
118. Wrangell Mountains
119. Pacific Coastal Mountains
120. Coastal Western Hemlock-Sitka Spruce Forests

    Transitional areas along ecoregion boundaries are areas sharing characteristics of two or more adjacent ecoregions.