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SS Prince George

Summer 1983 BC - Alaska Cruise Season

SS Prince George, 1983

Like a cruise on "The Prince's Yacht". . .

Your cruise aboard the SS Prince George is a special, intimate route into the realm of the majestic. The unspoiled grandeur of Alaska's Inside Passage, the blue-green beauty of the BC Alaska coastline are yours to explore and experience in casual shipboard comfort.

A steady, smooth-running steamship, the Canadian-registered Prince George is intimately sized to take you and your fellow voyagers to secret places where the oversized cruise ships can't follow. And, because there are never more than 285 aboard, you won't get lost in the crowd.

Since it was first commissioned in 1948, this happy ship has been a familiar part of the Pacific Northwest coasts history. Fully refitted in 1981, it now combines all the up-to-the-minute conveniences with all the classic comforts. The original ocean-going elegance is still there, evidenced in lavish use of fine woods and burnished brass.

Come join us on a sentimental journey - back to the Golden Age of ocean cruising!

. . . Except for the price.

This Canadian Cruise Line voyage is the value package in Alaskan cruise offerings. Now you can enjoy one of the world's great travel adventures - without paying a prince's ransom. SS Prince George, 1983

Your own personal view of Alaska

The Prince George sails close enough to shore for you to count the whiskers on a sea lion. As you wind your way through this wide-open wilderness frontier, you'll soar with the eagles. Ride the sea alongside leaping Orca whales. All the splendor of a primeval panorama unfolds about you as nature reveals her hidden jewels. . . treasures to keep and remember a lifetime.

The Inside Passage.
Stunning yet serene.

One thousand miles of mystery lie before you. Time stands still as you pass through glacial fjords with ice floes hewn from towering crystal walls.

During the warm summer months, emerald meadows come alive with flowers and wildlife.

This is the true north. Strong and free.

A superbly trained crew at your command.

On board, our impeccable Canadian crew will ensure that you travel in comfortable style. They're professionals. Friendly, but never presumptuous. Something else: as Canadians, we speak your language and understand your preferences.

SS Prince George, 1983
SS Prince George, 1983

Deck plans of SS Prince George, 1983

See the entire brochure at our Dropbox site.

There isn't much information about the SS Prince George online, but it appears that due to financial troubles, her 1983 cruise season was cancelled. See a brief history of the SS Prince George.

Alaska cruises today are a very different experience than they were in 1983 in many ways. While the scenery hasn't changed much, no longer is skeet shooting done on any of the ships as shown in one of the photos above, and while there are sometimes costume parties, none are quite like the one shown above!

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