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Sternwheelers on Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory

Lake Laberge, Yukon Click on the Google Earth view of Lake Laberge to the right to go to an interactive map.

    The most famous of the boats which wrecked or were abandoned at Lake Lebarge is the little iron steamer A. J. Goddard, which sank in a storm in 1901. Her nearly-intact remains were discovered 2008 - the best report of the ship and her discovery is the 190-page report by Lindsey Hall Thomas of Yukon Tourism and Culture. Until the discovery of the Goddard, it was the wrecked hull of the Casca at Lower Lebarge that was the best-known (see this photo).

The Weekly Star (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory), September 22, 1911

Early Steamers: Fleet to be Larger Next Spring Than for Years

    Present indications are that more steamers will go into winter quarter sat the foot of the lake this fall than for several years, in anticipation of a heavy business early next season and before the ice is out of Lake Lebarge.

    Of the American steamers which will winter at the foot of the lake are the Evelyn of the Merchant's Yukon Transportation company, the Tana owned by Captain Wallace Langley, the White Seal owned by Captain G. P. Sproule, and it is reported that the Northern Navigation company will also winter a steamer at the foot of the lake, making four American bottoms ready for the early business.

    In addition to the above, there will be from three to five Canadian steamers winter at Lower Lebarge, among them the York Barrington, owned by Captain Syd Barrington, the Pauline owned by Captain M. B. Raymond, while the White Pass company - which has not heretofore wintered a boat at that place - is having the Prospector put in condition for next season and will take her to the foot of the lake before the close of navigation. The same company will likely winter the Canadian at Hootalinqua as usual.

    Each of the above named steamers will have one or more barges.

These articles are reproduced in their entirety, with no changes to spelling (ie "Lake Lebarge" is properly "Laberge") or grammar, with the titles scanned from photocopies taken from microfilms of the newspapers.

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