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The Klondike Nugget Semi-Weekly

Dawson City, Yukon: Wednesday, August 23, 1899

Headline - 'VALDES SHORN OF DANGER - Government Trail Built Around the Famous Death Trap'

A Guide to the Richardson Highway
      Seattle, Aug. 3. - News was brought down by passengers on the Orizaba last night that the new government trail from Valdes to Copper river has been completed, and the necessity no longer exists for miners to cross the old and dangerous trail across the Valdes glacier. C. F. Periolat brought out the news, having left Cook Inlet about three weeks ago. A good many sick and impoverished prospectors have been brought out to Juneau from the Copper river section. The government is giving a good deal of work to the miners who are hard up, paying them $50 a month, with board, until money enough has been earned to buy a second-class ticket home. In the first part of last month four bodies were washed out into the bay from the mouth of the Copper river. They were the remains of prospectors who had lost their lives while boating up the river or crossing the dangeros stream. In June last a man and woman who hailed from Denver were drowned in the Kayka while boating. The body of the woman was recovered later and $700 in gold taken from the clothing. The man's body was not found. His name was Tangby.
      Quite a number of the passengers of the Orizaba came from the Copper river country. Varying stories of the richness of the country are told. W. H. Egerter of West Virginia spent the winter here and brings out some good looking gold dust. There are three streams, he says, which produce gold, Slate, Falls and Quartz creeks. On the latter, men washed out $7 a day from the surface down. It was early in June before any work could be done after the breakup, owing to the high water. The men owning claims on the creeks were well pleased over the prospects as far as they had gone when Egerter left the diggings. He has come down after pack horses and intends going back shortly. As the country is developed Egerter says it will become a gold producer of considerable importance.
      Captain Abercrombie, who with a detachment of soldiers is driving a trail up the Copper river to the Tanana country, will have opened about 100 miles by the time the season closes.

[Note that the facts and geography do not follow the actual situation exactly (and "Valdez" is misspelled) - not an uncommon situation. The general feeling of the article, though, makes it worth repeating here]