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An Alaska-Yukon-BC Journey, 1940s

This is a fairly low quality home movie of a trip in the 1940s, from Skagway to Ben-My-Chree, back to Skagway and then sailing south down the Inside Passage (14:24).
Scenes shot at Skagway include Lower Reid Falls, Broadway including the 1899 AB Hall, and views from the Railroad Dock. A voyage down the Southern Lakes from Carcross on the sternwheeler Tutshi follows.
At 05:25, the remote homestead of Ben-My-Chree is seen, with the Tutshi docked there.
At 06:50, the travellers are back in Carcross, where the Catholic church, both bridges, the Tutshi, some local children, and the cemetery are seen.
At 07:44, the travellers have arrived at Bennett on a White Pass & Yukon Route train, and some Indian children and the historic church are seen.
At 08:08, the train, pulled by steam locomotive #192, has stopped at Inspiration Point and people get off for a look.
At 08:59, the travellers are back at Skagway. More of Broadway is seen, a sign showing eggs for sale for 95 cents per dozen, and other parts of the community including the waterfront and their ship in the distance.
At 10:47, the travellers are on a ship sailing down the coast.
At 11:54, the ship has docked at Tenakee.
At 12:57, the ship continues south.

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