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Welcome North!

    ExploreTheYukon.com was opened on January 1, 2007, to act as a gateway to the Yukon-specific material on ExploreNorth. Whether you're looking for information about wilderness travel, Native cultures, weather and highway conditions, or jobs and real estate with the idea of moving to the Yukon, you'll find it here.

    You will probably find our very effective site search to be your most effective tool - if you have questions that you're unable to find the answers to, please feel free to contact us.

    Imagine encountering a grizzly sow and triplet cubs sauntering across the highway. Imagine spending an hour outside at minus 30 degrees, with the aurora borealis putting on a show so spectacular that you barely notice the cold. The North is a magical place for those with an appetite for the unusual and the unexpected. We hope that you enjoy exploring this world with us though the Web site - even more, we hope that you'll come up and Explore the Yukon in person!