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An Explorer's Guide to Teslin, Yukon

Population (March 2023): 491

The Village of Teslin is located at Historic Milepost 804 (modern Km 1244) of the Alaska Highway. Most of the residents are Inland Tlingit Indians, who first arrived in the area in the 1800s when they established a village at what is now called Johnston's Town at the south end of Teslin Lake. The site of Teslin was first settled in 1898, when it was on the "All-Canadian" route to the Klondike gold fields.

The first trading post was set up in 1903, and a detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established in 1919.

Teslin as we see it now is a result of the arrival of US Army Engineers in 1942 for construction of the Alaska Highway. The iconic Nistutlin Bay Bridge is the longest bridge on the highway at 584 meters (1,917 feet).

George Johnston Museum
As well as displays outside the building, the museum has galleries devoted to exhibits, dioramas and artefacts honouring the lives of George Johnston, the Inland Tlingit and other Teslin Lake residents. The Nisutlin Bay Bridge - Teslin, Yukon

Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
The facility doesn't have its own Web site but this page gives very basic information about it.

Timberpoint Campground
Located on the shore of Teslin Lake 26 miles north of Teslin, offering unserviced lakeside RV and tenting sites.

Yukon Motel & Restaurant
Located at the village end of the Nisutlin Bay Bridge, offering fuel, motel, RV park, restaurant, souvenir shop and a Northern Wildlife Gallery.

Teslin Lake Campground
An illustrated guide to the Yukon government campground, with map and reviews.

An Afternoon in Teslin
This photojournal provides photos and commentary about both museums as well as other attractions in the area.

Teslin Community Profile
A broad range on information about the community's people, economy, climate and quality of life.

The Village of Teslin
The community's official Web site, with information for both residents and visitors.

Clicking on the aerial view of Teslin below will open an interactive map at Google Maps, in a new window.
Teslin, Yukon