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Creation of the Yukon Judicial District - August 16, 1897


E.L.NEWCOMBE, Deputy of the Minister of Justice, Canada

The 1898 Yukon Act

      WHEREAS it is in and by the Revised Statutes, chapter 50, and intituled "An Act respecting the Northwest Territories" in effect enacted, that the Governor in Council may at any time by Proclamation divide the Territories into judicial districts, and give to each such district an appropriate name, and in like manner from time to time, alter the limits and extent of such districts.

      And whereas by an Order of Our Governor in Council, bearing date the 16th day of August A.D. 1897, the establishment of a judicial district in the said Territories was authorized, to be known as the Yukon Judicial District, and to be bounded as hereinafter mentioned:

      Now Know Ye, that we do hereby and by virtue of the authority vested in Us by the said Act, and the said Order in Council respectively establish and set apart a judicial district in the North-west Territories to be named and known as the "Yukon Judicial District," the boundaries of such judicial district to be as follows:-

      Beginning at the intersection of the 141st meridian of west longitude from Greenwich with a point on the Arctic Sea, which is approximate north latitude, 69° 39' , and named on the Admiralty charts "Demarcation Point;" thence due south, on said meridian (which is also the boundary line between Canada and Alaska) for a distance of about 650 miles, to a point in latitude about 60° 10' north, at which it will intersect the disputed boundary between Canada and the United States on the North Pacific coast; thence in an easterly direction, along the said undetermined boundary, for a distance of about 55 miles (in a straight line) to its intersection with the 60th parallel of north latitude; thence due east along the parallel of latitude (which is also the north boundary of British Columbia) for a distance of about 550 miles, to the Liard River, in approximate longitude 123° 30' west; thence northerly along the middle line of said river, for a distance of about 10 miles till opposite the highest part of the range of mountains which abuts upon the river near the mouth of Black River; thence to follow the summit of said range in a north-westerly direction to the southernmost source of the Peel River; thence to follow northward the summit of the main range of mountains which runs approximately parallel to the Peel River, on the west, as far as the intersection of the said range with the 136th meridian; thereafter to run due north to the Arctic Ocean, or to the westernmost channel of the Mackenzie Delta, and along that channel to the Arctic Ocean; thence north-westerly following the windings of the Arctic coast (termination of the mainland of the Continent), including Herschel Island, and all other islands which may be situated within three (3) geographical miles, to the place of beginning.

      Provided, that in respect to that part of the line, between the Liard River and the southernmost source of the Peel River the summit to be followed is the watershed summit separating streams entering the Liard River below Black River, or flowing directly into the Mackenzie further north, from streams flowing westward either to the Yukon or to upper branches of the Liard River.

      Provided, that in respect to the part of the boundary described as following northward the main range of mountains on the west side of Peel River, the line shall run along the water-shed between streams flowing eastwardly to the Peel River, and those flowing westwardly to branches of the Yukon, Porcupine, etc., except where such water-shed shall be more than 20 miles distant from the main stream of the Peel, when the highest range within that distance shall be the boundary.

      Of all which Our loving subjects and all others whom these presents may concern, are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.

      In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Our Right Trusty and Right Well-Beloved Cousin and Councillor the Right Honourable Sir JOHN CAMPBELL HAMILTON-GORDON, Earl of Aberdeen; Viscount Formartine, Baron Haddo, Methlic, Tarves and Kellie, in the Peerage of Scotland; Viscount Gordon of Aberdeen County of Aberdeen, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; Baronet of Nova Scotia; Knight Grand Cross of Our most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, etc. Governor General of Canada.

      At Our Government House, in Our City of Ottawa, in Our said Dominion, this sixteenth day of August, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, and in the sixty-first year of Our Reign.

                  By Command,

                        JOSEPH POPE,
                        Under-Secretary of State