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Kathleen Adeline Martin Coward/Cowaret (1887-1958)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, October 30, 1958

    Many friends gathered yesterday at Christ Church Cathedral to pay last respects to Mrs. Alexander Cowaret, who died at her home Sunday after a long illness.

    Born in Manitoba 71 years ago, the late Mrs. Cowaret came to the Yukon in 1916 as a missionary teacher. The former Kathleen A. Martin made her first home at Selkirk and in the course of her church activities, traveled throughout the whole territory.

    In 1929 she married Alexander Cowaret. The couple had no children of their own but to about 200 Indian youngsters, Mrs. Cowaret yas "all same mother," She was greatly admired by Yukon Indians, from Teslin to Old Crow.

    For many years the Cowarets lived in Selkirk. When the Mayo highway was built in 1958, bypassing the settlement, the couple moved to Minto where Mr. Cowaret continued his occupation as a trader.

    Active in church work for over 50 years, the late Mrs. Cowaret was lay delegate from the Yukon diocese to the general synod and this year was made a Dominion life member of the Anglican Women's Auxiliary.

    A year later, Mrs. Cowaret's husband left the Yukon forever after 46 years in the territory. His surname was actually Coward, a name Kathleen did not approve of and soon after their marriage refused to use.

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, November 5, 1959

For Hawaii

    Hawaii looks like a good place to spend the winter after putting in more than 40 years in the Yukon, so that's where Alex Coward went last week. A Yukoner since August 18, 1913, he left Whitehorse Tuesday for the South Pacific. En route, Mr. Coward said he planned to spend a few days visiting in Vancouver.

    He said he definitely would not come back to the Yukon, but hasn't decided where he'll spend the rest of his days. He has lots of relatives in both Canadian and American points. Some of the eastern relations he hasn't seen since 1926 and the last time he was in Vancouver was seven years ago, the oldtimer recalled.

    Born in 1885 in Cairo, Illinois, Alexander Coward came to the Yukon 46 years ago to trap. With headquarters at Selkirk, he spent the succeeding winters trapping around the MacMillan and Pelly rivers. During those years, he and his late wife made their home at Selkirk. They were the last residents to move out in 1952, Mr. Coward recalled recently, He said construction of the Mayo highway put an end to Selkirk's usefulness.

    From 1952, Cowards made their home in Minto. Mr. Coward's wife died on October 26 last year, after a long lifetime of work for the church and for the Indian people.