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Northern Cemeteries and Graves

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

by Murray Lundberg

Pioneer Cemetery, Whitehorse, Yukon

The following description of the Pioneer Cemetery is from the 44-page booklet A Guide to Who Lies Beneath Whitehorse Cemeteries, pdf, 1.2MB, published in 2000 by the Old Log Church Museum and Yukon Tourism and Culture. That brochure was based on "Lost Graves", a 151-page publication researched and written by Margaret "Peg" Crook and Helen Horback, printed by the City of Whitehorse in July 1989.

    Established in 1900, this quaint cemetery located in the city's downtown core was originally known as the 6th Avenue Cemetery. While the cemetery's tranquil setting nestled under the escarpment in a grove of trees seemed an ideal resting place for the dearly departed, it sparked controversy.

    A letter from H. M. Martin, Crown Timber and Land Agent, to the Territorial Commissioner, Fred T. Congdon, raised concern that the cemetery posed a potential health risk. He feared the decomposing bodies would seep through the soil into the water table and contaminate the well water. On January 6, 1908, a petition signed by 100 townspeople requested that the cemetery be moved to the outskirts of town near where the airport is now located. The petition was unsuccessful.

    During the 1960s, the cemetery suffered from neglect as the City of Whitehorse and the Yukon Government argued as to which political body was responsible for its upkeep. Eventually the issue was resolved and the city took responsibility only after the cemetery had fallen into serious disrepair. In the 1970s, a well meaning but misguided attempt to clean up the cemetery resulted in a number of worn grave markers being discarded. As a result the identities of many of the bodies interred here have been lost forever.

    The first interment in the 6th Avenue Cemetery was James Brown, who died of pneumonia at the Windsor Hotel on October 11, 1900. A member of the firm Sinclair & Brown of Atlin, BC, he was 52 years old. There is no marker on his grave. In 1965, Grey Mountain Cemetery, located above Riverdale on Grey Mountain Road, was opened. Use of the 6th Avenue Cemetery ended, and in 1975, it was renamed the Pioneer Cemetery.

    The following list includes 801 burials - the names with links are the gravesites whose markers have been photographed and posted. On September 6, 2018, after the cemetery renovation, I photographed all 249 grave markers, and they have all been posted. The 428 names with links to "more information" have biographical information. Included in this list are burials for people who were later reinterred elsewhere, including those who were buried in the United States Military Cemetery.

    In December 2020, we added the location information for all 367 known graves. The locations codes, tied to the map described below, are:

  • E - Elks section
  • L - Canadian Legion section
  • M - Masons section
  • N - North section
  • S - South section
  • W - West section

    I have posted a high-resolution photo of the map that was installed at the new cemetery entrance - it shows which of the known graves has a marker. It can be seen and downloaded here.

The Columbian Monument
Sacred to the memory of
J. Welsh, 1st Officer
L. C. Cowper, purser
P. Murray, sailor
J. Smith, sailor
E. Morgan, fireman
J. Woods, fireman

Who met their deaths by the burning of the Str. Columbian near Eagle Rock on the Yukon River, Sep. 25, 1906

Erected by the employees of the British Yukon Nav. Co. Ltd.

Their full names were: Joe Welsh, Lionel Cadogan Cowper, Phil Murray, Carl Christianson (alias J. Smith), Edward Morgan, and John Woods. The monument was made by A. Stewart in Victoria - it is signed on a lower rear corner.

War Memorial

Sacred to the memory of the Southern Yukon men who made the ultimate sacrifice

Erected by the I.O.D.E., Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, Dec. 8th, 1918

War Memorial

Dedicated to the glory of God and to those who served their country.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.
Erected by the Royal Canadian Legion, Whitehorse, Pacific Branch #254, 1959 A.D.

George Campbell Affleck

226061 Spr. G. C. Affleck
1892 - 1959
R.C.E.'S., C.E.F.
"Lest we forget"

George Affleck served as a sapper in the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Expeditionary Force. More information.

Albert Allaire

D16934 Spr. A. Allaire
1902 - 1959
"Lest we forget"

Albert Allaire served as a sapper in the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers. A legal notice in The Whitehorse Star of October 22, 1959, states that he died in the Whitehorse General Hospital on June 22, 1959.

In loving memory of

George Millar Allan

Born in Edinburgh Scotland
June 20, 1860 - May 3, 1902
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.
Phil. 1-3

More information.

Leonard Frederick Allison

14D47843 Sgt. L. F. Allison
1925 - 1960
R.E.'S., B.E.F.
"Lest we forget"

Leonard Allison served as a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers, British Expeditionary Force. A legal notice in The Whitehorse Star on March 17, 1960, states that he died in Watson Lake on March 7, 1960.

In loving memory of

Marion Edward "Ed" Almstrom
1913 - 1960 (more information)

Marjorie Elsie (Carter) Almstrom
1917 - 2015 (more information)

Alexander "Alex" Arthur

1915 - 1961

Alex Arthur was a member of the Masonic Lodge. More information.

A. Banks

1893 - 1953

Katharine Marie Barnett

Sept 16 1963 - Jan 19 1964

George Barrett

Sept, 5, 1884 - May 1, 1963
Dearly Loved

More information.

In Loving Memory

Margaret Barrett

1900 - 1964
Called to Higher Service

More information.

John Edward Austin Barton

Born Jan. 18, 1875
Died Jan. 29, 1908
Gone, but not forgotten

More information.

Archibald E. "Archie" Basinger
1894 -

Florence E. "Flo" Basinger
1896 - 1956

Loved by all

Niels Christian A. Bay

Died March 9, 1947

Niels Bay was born in 1879.

Jean M. J. Beaulieu

SD8820 Soldat
Decede 29 Mai 1953

Jean Beaulieu, born in 1922, served with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. More information.

Martin Patrick Berrigan

Born in Ontario in 1871
Died on February 26, 1950.

Rest in peace

Martin Berrigan worked in the Dawson City area from 1898-1939, and is most famous for building the "Log Skyscrapers" in Whitehorse. More information.


Albert Victor Biddle

1877 - 1952
R.A.S.C, B.E.F.
"Lest we forget"

Albert Biddle served with the Royal Army Service Corps, British Expeditionary Force.

More information.

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Husband

Adam Birnie

Died April 26, 1941

Adam Birnie was born in 1870.

Martha Louise Black, O.B.E., F.R.G.S.

Born February 24, 1866, in Chicago, Illinois (the headstone inscription is incorrect)
Died in Whitehorse on October 31, 1957

Beloved wife of George Black

In the early years of the last century, George and Martha Louise Black forged a political partnership that helped guide the Yukon into the modern era. Martha was made an F.R.G.S. (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society) in 1917, and was awarded the O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) in 1948.

George William Boadway

Beloved husband of Eva Collins

Born October 11, 1877; died October 9, 1955.

Julian Paul Bourne
1878 - 1935

Although Elizabeth Victoria Bourne is on the headstone with no dates, we believe she died in 1960 and is buried at Nelson, BC.

John Broome

D91341 Pte. J. Broome
1919 - 1962
"Lest we forget"

John Broome served with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. More information.

In Memoriam

Afe Brown

1883 - 1953
Life's work well done

More information.

In loving memory of

Robert Allen Burnside

Born Apr. 5, 1936
Died Apr. 6, 1949

This photo was shot shortly after the headboard and surround were erected - there is no marker on the grave now.

Ewart Charles Burt

1897 - 1947

More information.

Violet Ethel May Caddy

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

More information.

J. Ambrose Cahill

1912 - 1958
In Loving Memory

More information.

Infant Camp

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Camp

November 1946 - January 24, 1947.

Sacred to the memory of

Isabella McKay Campbell

of St. George's Bay Nfld.
Beloved wife of D. C. Campbell
Died at White Horse, Y.T.
Sept. 8, 1911
Aged 56 years

Elizabeth Carew

July 17, 1953
Rest for the little sleeper

Walter R. Carter

1896 - 1964
No. 1 Field Ambulance

More information.

Ralph Caruso

1925 - 1952

Ralph Caruso was born in 1925, died on August 11, 1952: more information. He was a member of the Elks Lodge, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, which laid his headstone.

In memory of our child

Kristina Lucia Chaykowsky

Nov. 17, 1950 - Aug. 1, 1953

More information.

In loving memory of

Brock Somerset Clarke
Somerset Brock Clarke

Born Nov. 15, 1916
Nov. 16, 1916

More information.

In loving memory of

William James Cletheroe

Aug. 10, 1876 - June 27, 1953
Life's work well done

In loving memory of

Ernest L. Clifford

1887 - 1952

More information.

Richard Clarke Close

July 11 - 13, 1965
Always In Our Hearts

In loving memory of
A loving husband and father

Harry A. Coell

1917 - 1964
Ever remembered, ever loved

More information.

Mary Comeau

1897 - 1958

More information.

In Loving Memory Of

Wilson M. Conoly

1898 - 1963

Katherine Conway

W. 110139 Pte. Kath. Conway
1905 - 1950
"Lest we forget"

Katherine Conway served with the Canadian Women's Army Corps. More information.

Pilot Leslie E. "Les" Cook


To memory ever dear

Pilot Les Cook, and mechanics Donald Dickson and Ken McLean, died when Cook's Norseman crashed in downtown Whitehorse on December 4, 1942. More information.

David Franklin Coombs

Mar. 1, 1959 - Sept. 3, 1963

More information.

Harold Coulter
March 1923 - March 1923

Winifred Marigold Coulter
March 1923 - March 1923

1879 - 1955

Catherine A. Coutts

Through Suffering To God

In Loving Memory

Kathleen Adeline Coward, Kathleen Adeline Martin Cowaret

Wife of Alex. Coward
1887 - 1958

Missionary 42 years, Yukon Diocese

More information.

Kenneth Charles Musgrave Custance

1914 - 1954
In loving memory

In Loving Memory Of Antoine "Tony" Cyr

1871 - 1946
Resting In Peace

Marie Ange Beaudin Cyr

1884 - 1970

: More information.

Max Cyr

Dec. 8, 1857 - Feb. 2, 1933
Ever remembered, ever loved

Lionel Harold Dennison

Dec. 7, 1909 - Jan. 21, 1965
Gone but not forgotten

More information.

Margarete J. Detraz

1868 - 1947
Fondly loved
and deeply mourned

In loving memory of

Nina Fox Devore

Sept. 1, 1898 - Sept. 15, 1940

William Dibblee

1849 - January 20, 1913, more information

Donald James Hugh Dickson

Oct. 6, 1914 - Dec. 4, 1942
"Til we meet again"

More information.

William John Dixon

Gladys Muriel Dixon
1899-1963 (more information)

Gone but not Forgotten


Charles Walter Drugan

1938 - 1963
The spirit shall return unto God who gave it

William Stephenson "Bill" Drury

Born 1870 in Lincolnshire, England
Died at Whitehorse, Yukon, in 1953

"Bill" Drury, with partner Isaac Taylor, owned the large Taylor and Drury Ltd. merchandising company. More information.

Our baby

Shawna Marie Dyck

22 Aug. - 1 Sept. 1963

: More information.

Dona E. H. Engel

Born Aug. 15,
Died Aug. 18, 1965

In Memory of

Emil Joseph Forrest

January 1889-August 1960

A beloved brother and a Yukon pioneer at peace

More information.

Walter Gordon Forsberg

J88878 F/O W. G. Forsberg, D.F.C.
1923 - 1964
"Lest we forget"

Flying Officer Walter Gordon Forsberg served with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and earned two Distinguished Flying Crosses. More information.

Mavis Gladys Fraser

May 20, 1926 - September 18, 1959
Gone but not forgotten

Robert James "Bob" Frigon

V91202 Ord/Smn. R. J. Frigon
1926 - 1963
"Lest we forget"

More information.

Marguerite "Peggy" George

1909 - 1958
At rest

John Edward Gibben

1894 - 1958

Andrew Harold Gibson
Commissioner of the Yukon Territory, Aug. 15, 1950 - Oct. 15, 1951
More information

Lena MacPherson Gibson

Norman McDonald Gillies

1906 - 1958

N. M. Gillies was a member of the Elks Lodge, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, which laid his headstone.

John A. Gillis

889008 Cpl. J. A. Gillis
1914 - 1961
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
"Lest we forget"

More information.

James L. M. Graham

24 Dec. 1961, Age 39

James Graham was born in 1922 and served with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. More information.

Norman Hector "Sandy" Grant

Died March 4, 1951
Age 72

More information.

William W. Grant

J-39169 Able Smn.
Royal Navy
1880 - 1952

Fred W. Gray
1885 - 1946
Fred Gray died at his home on July 26, 1946, following a heart attack.

Gladys N. Gray
1884 - 1946
Gladys Gray died in the Whitehorse General Hospital on September 20, 1946, following an operation.

Helen Catherine Gray

August 6, 1954
Beloved daughter of James and Anne Gray
Sister to Elaine, Norma and Peter
Forever loved, forever remembered

Lula Belle "Lou" Grey, Palmer

Born May 19, 1900, at Nez Perce, Idaho, USA
Died in Whitehorse on August 13, 1950

Photo was taken by her daughter, Gail Kimbel, in 1952-53. There is no marker on the grave now.

More information

Francis Edmond Harbottle

3788 Cst.
1880 - 1943

Francis Edmond Harbottle served as a Constable with the Royal North-West Mounted Police.

In memory of

Charles Sydney Harper

Sergt. C. S. Harper
R.C.M. Police
Died Dec. 11, 1922

Charles Sydney Harper was born in England in 1881. More information

Russell Thomas Herrington

1949 - 1953
Not Forgotten

Buried beside David William Magnusson - more information

Mariane Hinnek

April 30 1926
March 11 1965

In Memory of

Otto Hoberg

1907 - 1957
At Rest

More information.

ZK3259, Capt.

Ralph B. Huene

19 Oct. 1958, Age 35

Ralph B. Huene served as a Captain with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. On October 19, 1958, he and Staff Sergeant Louis Kuhn were drowned in Marsh Lake - read the story here.

In loving memory of

Louise Hume

Died August 10th, 1938
Age 25 years
Rest in peace

Harvey Roy Hurst, DFC

Pilot Officer, RCAF
1910 - 1955
Lest we forget

Frank Horatio Rex Jackson

1902 - 1951
Inter arbores requisecat
("resting between the trees")

More information.

In loving memory of our dear mother

Mrs. Stella Jackson

Died April 16th 1941
Age 69

More information.

Cecilia James

April 19, 1910 - March 13, 1954
Gone But Not Forgotten

Geneva Jensen

1899 - 1964
To memory ever dear

J. Jensen

K100109 Pte. J. Jensen
1908 - 1961
"Lest we forget"

In spite of the headstone, Jensen's given name was Gerhard - more information.

In loving memory of our baby & sister

Erayne Sheila Johnson

May 29, 1949 - Oct. 6, 1949
God bless her bonny wee soul

In Memoriam

Herbert Johnson

1913 - 1949

Nils Johnson

1899 - 1963

More information.

John O. Jones

1878 - 1951

John O. Jones was a member of the Elks Lodge, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, which laid his headstone. More information.

In Loving Memory

Robert Hugh Jones

Born in Wales
1878 - 1958
Rest in peace

In loving memory of

Gilbert Joyce

Born Fresh-Water, Nfld.
Died May 9, 1907

Absent not dead, gone but not forgotten

Gilbert Joyce was born in 1879. He and William P. Grainger died in the Copper King Mine, suffocated when they went to check on a fire that had been lit to melt ice out of a shaft. : More information.

Mrs. J. Kairns

1925 - 1952

Mrs. Gwendoline Karnens

1909 - 1952

Frederick W. Kasch

1891 - 1953
At rest

William S. Kehoe

Lance Bombardier
25 Mar. 1960. Age 55

More information.

Linda Jean Kelba

1948 - 1954
Rest in Christ

Michael Kochylema

Dec. 1964 - Jan. 1965
Beloved son

M;lore information.

In memory of

Kumasaburo Kojimoto

Died Nov. 14, 1907
Aged 27 years

More information.

Richard Lanctot


Emer D. Lankins

Born June 6, 1894
Died Dec. 23, 1941
Gone but not forgotten

William S. Lanktree

of Stirling, Ont.
Born May 28, 1876
Drowned in Rink Rapids June 9, 1904

More information.

Hannah Larsen

Born July 20th, 1920
Died ... 12th, 1934


Irene Larson

Loved by all
1901 - 1964

In memory of

Ole Ferdinand Larsen

Born March 5, 1853, Kaas, Denmark
Died March 9, 1924

Erected by his friends

More information.

Sune Larson

1901 - 1944
In our hearts we keep sweet memories

More information.

In loving memory of

Rev. Harold Iden Lee

Aug. 31, 1915 - Mar. 1, 1952
The gift of God is eternal life - Rom. 6:23
A beautiful memory ever lingers

Alice Marie Leitner

1929 - 1964

More information.

Frank Leitner

1901 - 1965

Adam K. Lerner

1913 - 1959
Rest in peace

More information.

Sven Lindstrom

1897 - 1962
Ever remembered, ever loved

Baby MacArthur

? - ?

R. 211788, L.A.C., Leading Aircraftsman

Patrick McCanney

R.C.A.F., Royal Canadian Air Force
31st May, 1945
Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul. R.I.P.

See 2 newspaper articles about his drowning in the Yukon River here. The son of Michael and Mary McCanney of Montreal, Patrick was 22 years old.

Robert McCleery

Corporal, Royal North-West Mounted Police, RNWMP
Regimental No. 5563
Born 1893, died 1954

More information.

Suzan McCleery

1902 - 1982
Rest in peace

Edwin Myers McKay
1927 - 1956
More information

Harry Tofield Rachel
1904 - 1957

In our hearts we keep sweet memories


Annie Louise McKibbin

1892 - 1963
Our loved one sleeps here

George Hunter McKinlay

Canadian Forestry Corps
23 Sept. 1963, Age 74

a href="/library/bios/mckinlay-gh.html">More information.

James McKinnon

Born St. Peters Bay, P.E.I. 1880
Died Whitehorse, Y.T. 1946

More information.

George Alexander "Mac" McLachlan

1872 - 1948
In Memoriam

Peter Donald McMillan

Beloved husband and father
1871 - 1934

Herbert Grant MacPherson

1875 - 1944

More information.

In loving memory of

Isabella MacPherson

Born in Scotland June 7, 1875
Died at Whitehorse April 9, 1956

In memory ever dear

More information.

In loving memory of

John McPherson

Born in Scotland Jan. 19, 1861
Died at White Horse Feb. 10, 1944

Our loved one

More information.

In loving memory of

Kennett Maciver

Born Stornoway, Scotland
Dec. 11, 1858
Died July 13, 1929

May Mack

Jan. 31, 1869 - July 31, 1953

This marker is quite different than one that was snapped off by a mower in about 2000 - see it here.

More information.

David William Magnusson

1949 - 1953
Safe with Jesus

Buried beside Russell Thomas Herrington.

William Maher

Born Harbor Grace, Nfl'd., 1862
Died White Horse. Y.T., May 1934

In loving memory of

Dora Marion

Mar. 10, 1948
Safe in the arms of Jesus

Dora Marion was born in 1902.

In memory of

Harry Mather

1894 - 1950
Veteran W. W. 1

More information.

Emilien August "Sparky" Menard

1909 - 1965
Life's work well done

More information.

Carl Chase Miller

March 17, 1904
August 28, 1964

More information.

James Miller

1882 - 1959
Gone but no forgotten

More information.

George Henry Milne

1914 - 1954

Mrs. Elizabeth Moulson "Duchy" Montgomery

1872 - 1957

In loving memory of

Charles Edward Moreau

Aug. 6 1894 - Mar. 26 1960

More information.

Joseph C. "Joe" Morrison

Mar. 31, 1894 - Sept. 12, 1945

In memory

Ian McLeod Murray

Born Feb. 20, 1924
Died June 17, 1953

More information.

In Loving Memory Of

Mary Murray

Nov. 20, 1884 - Mar. 21, 1949

Wilbur I. "Barney" Murray

1866 - 1950
To memory ever dear

Lucy Nakashima

Beloved daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Nakashima
Born Sept. 9, 1935
Died Oct. 15, 1942
To memory ever dear

More information.

In Loving Memory Of

Robert Darlington Nelson

Born Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 6, 1886
Died Whitehorse, Yukon, Jan. 26, 1949
Aged 62 years
Now cometh rest

John J. "Jack" Nicholson

1901 - 1950

More information.


Lena Nicholson

1899 - 1965
Rest in peace

More information.

In memory of

John Norman Nielsen

Oct. 10, 1925
June 21, 1952
Too good for earth, God called him home

More information.

James "Bud" Noble

July 20, 1901 - August 27, 1959
Born - Edam, Saskatchewan
You have always been an inspiration
Of my heart, body & soul
Never forgotten - always in my heart

More information.

Lenard Elof Nordstrom
Constable, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP - Regimental No. 15104

June 15, 1927-June 24, 1950

In our hearts your memory lingers

More information.

In loving memory of

Dennis Bryan O'Connor

1877 - 1934
My lips can not speak how I miss you
My heart can not tell wat to say
God only knows how I miss you
In our home that is lonesome today.

Colleen O'Leary

Daughter of John Jerome O'Leary and Amelia, Brovey O'Leary, stillborn at the Whitehorse Military Hospital on November 8, 1952.

Jean Ann Pallister

1949 - 1955
Suffer little children to come unto me

More information


James Maurice Parent

1893 - 1964
At rest

More information.

Bertha Lawrence Paterson

1891 - 1939
Love liveth on

Died on April 4, 1939: more information

William Patrick Perkins

A native of Brandford Sydney, N.S. Wales, Australia.
Died at White Horse April 15th 1902: more information

In memory of

Lillian Ann Perrin

Beloved wife of Harvard Perrin
1907 - 1955
Sweet be thy rest

In loving memory

Elmer Raymond Peterson
Oct. 15 1891 - Aug. 4 1952, more information

Ronald A. Peterson
Sept. 30, 1928 - Sept. 30, 1957

More information.

Stanley Peterson

Kok Hit Tān
1952 - 1960
Safe in the arms of Jesus

Died on December 17, 1960

Peter A. Petiot

1912 - 1956

More information.

Bernadine Pettipas

1932 - 1962
Our loved one
Morning glory

Willard Leroy Phelps, K.C

Born in Merriton, 1867
Died in Whitehorse, 1951

More information.

Willard Leroy Phelps, K.C, see headstone listed above

Hanna Livingstone Phelps

More information.

Dorothy, Phelps Scott
March 12, 1910-Nov. 3, 1978

In loving memory of

Ruth Mary "Pinky" Porter

April 13, 1926 - Aug. 6, 1938
Jesus called a little child unto him.

In 2018, memorials for two of her sisters, Teresa Karen Porter Smith (1928-2008) and Phyllis G. Savercool (1933-2000), were added above and below Pinky Porter's headstone.

More information.


Frank Posch

1903 - 1958

More information.

In loving memory of

Frank C. Powell

1906 - 1956
Ever remembered and sadly missed

More information.

William David Powell

1916 - 1950

Edwin Myers McKay
1927 - 1956

More information.

Harry Tofield Rachel
1904 - 1957

In our hearts we keep sweet memories

More information.

Irvin Forest Ray

1904 - 1952

More information.

Kerry John Repka

July 14, 1960

Eric Edenson Coke Richards

In loving memory
1881 - 1952

In Memory Of

Raymond Coke Richards

September 28, 1919 - April 19, 2009
Now Resting With His Parents Eric Coke Richards and Grace Richards

In memory of our baby

Debbi Lynn Ries

10 May 1961

Our darling

John Kenneth Roach

Apr 18, 1952 - July 21, 1954
Rest for the little sleeper

In loving memory

Capt. W. L. Robinson, M.B.E.

1909 - 1953

More information.

In loving memory
Barbara Z. Rose-Currie
Oct 11, 1920 - Feb 23, 2009
Fond memories of Tagish, 6 mile river

In loving memory
Jerry Douglas Rose
October 20, 1947 - July 20, 2011

Franklin Roth Rose, Jr.
Mar. 16, 1942 - Feb. 18, 1965
"Roth" Rose was killed in an avalanche at the Granduc copper mine which killed 26 men.

Franklin Roth Rose
Feb 21, 1911 - March 8, 1983
Our Father of Five Roses

In loving memory of

George MacKay Rose

1891 - 1962
Thy will be done

Anna Christina Rowan

1912 - 1948

In loving memory of

George N. Ryder

Died Dec. 15, 1950
In God's keeping

Born July 7, 1894, at Yale, BC.

Beatrice Saborn

Mrs. James Saborn
Born 1886
Died 1965

James Saborne

1878 - 1955

Phyllis G. Savercool

Born June 18, 1933
Died Dec. 15, 2000
O God of truth and grace
My Saviour and my guide
Be with me on my race
And lead me to thy side.

John Henderson Scott

Born Vienna, Illinois, 1866
Died 1928

Alexander "Alex" Seely

1878 - 1957
Never will your memory fade

Died on August 28, 1957

Beloved son, husband and father

Alexander "Butch" Seely

July 12, 1926 - October 13, 2004

Mabel Bernice Seely

Nee Kolkin
July 18, 1898 Des Moines, Iowa
Sept. 5, 1980 Vancouver, B.C.

More information.

Annie May Shabala

1909 - 1962

Died on November 12, 1962

Howard Brockway Shadwell
Born Jan. 19, 1856
Died Oct. 14, 1904

Flora Whittington Shadwell
Born March 6, 1895
Died Oct. 12, 1904

Erected by the Canadian Order of the Woodmen of the World

In loving memory of

Ann Shea

1896 - 1961

More information.

Benjamin Clarke "Benny" Sheardown

19 April 1944 - 18 June 1999

In loving memory of

Justina Laura Simlett

Who departed this life
August 20, 1931
"Till we meet again."

Died at the age of 46.

John Cowan "Jack" Simpson

1895 - 1959

In loving memory

Teresa Karen, Porter Smith

Aug. 5, 1928 - Jan. 20, 2008

William James Smith

Nov. 19, 1951 - Nov. 23, 1951
Our beloved son

Beverly Danielle Speer

October 27, 1951
In God's Hands

John Cochrane "Curly" Stevenson
Mar. 17, 1909 - Nov. 11, 1959

In memory of his wife
Marjorie Hoggan Stevenson
Born in Dawson City 1916
Died Outside 2009

Starlene Elizabeth Stout

Feb. 10, 1959 - July 30, 1959
Forever In Our Hearts

: More information.

Beloved daughter

Robin Ann Stricker

July 23, 1961 - May 14, 1962
"Suffer little children to come unto me."

John Burchell Suits

1885 - 1962
Gone But Not Forgotten

More information.

Dennis George "Mort" Sullivan

B26396 D. G., Mort Sullivan
March 1, 1922 - Oct. 3, 1964
48th Highlanders of Canada

More information.

Isaac Taylor
1865-June 12, 1959

Sarah D. Taylor

For such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Isaac Taylor, with partner Bill Drury, owned the large Taylor and Drury Ltd. merchandising company. More information.

Mary Alexandra Taylor

1907 - Age 6 months


Brian Ernest Theed

Born/died Mar. 2, 1950

Lewis S. Tracey

1925 - 1955
Native of New Glasgow, N.S.

John Turner
1844 - 1905

Bella "Bertha" Turner
1878 - 1904

To memory ever dear

Vincent Twist

M-8608 Pte. Vincent Twist
1925 - 1959
Can. Parachute Battn.
"Lest we forget"

In Memory Of

Alexander Valentine

1886 - 1952

Charles C. VanHorn
1894 - 1963

Charlottie E. VanHorn
1898 - 1963

Gone but not forgotten

Anna Katrina "Kathleen" Viaux

1867 - 1957

Gone but not forgotten

Mrs. A. K. Viaux, who had owned the White Pass Hotel since 1923, died on February 14, 1957, at the age of 89. More information.

Lionel Austin Vines

Died January 31, 1941, aged 34 years.

Till we meet again

Born in 1907, Lionel Vines moved from Alberta to Carcross, Yukon, in December of 1936 to fly for George Simmons' Northern Airways. The following year, he switched to the air division of the British Yukon Navigation Co. His plane crashed near Dawson City on January 31, 1941. More information.

In loving memory of

Jeannine Marie Wagner

Nov. 21, 1925 - Apr. 7, 1958
Ever remembered, ever loved

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Bonnie Joanne Waite

Born - May 23, 1951 - Died
Beloved daughter of Betty & Ralph
Safe in the arms of Jesus

In Loving Memory Of

George Alexander Walker

Born Dec. 31, 1891
Died May 10, 1946

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In Memory Of

Olive May Walker

Born Nov. 18, 1890
Died Oct. 27, 1941

Rufus W. Walters

M63799 Pte. R. W. Walters
1922 - 1964
New Westminster Rgt.
"Lest we forget"

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John Weise

Sept. 29, 1872 - June 21, 1933
Brightling, Sussex, England

In loving memory of

John Owen Williams

Beloved son of
Wm. & Elizabeth Williams
Died April 26, 1911, aged 42 years
  My God my Father while I stray
  Far from my home of life's rough way,
  O teach me from my heart to say
  Thy will be done.
Erected by his many friends.

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To the memory of a beloved wife & mother

Janet Mary Williston

1884 - 1951

Ella, McAlmon Wilson

1874 - 1948
In loving memory

George Wayne Wilson

1869 - 1952
In loving memory

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Roy C. Wilson

1907 - 1961
Ever remembered, ever loved

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In loving memory of

Elizabeth Annie Wood

Wife of A. Wood
Born in Somersetshire, Eng.
Died August 19, 1916
Aged 43 years

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In loving memory of a dear husband and father

John Wright

1905 - 1963
In silence we remember

In loving memory of our son

Paul Wylie

1956 - 1959
Until the day dawn

Sheila Teresa Wylie

1916 - 1954
In loving memory


No other markings on the monument.


At Rest

This double grave was discovered by Ground Penetrating Radar during a survey of the cemetery in February 2018. There was no sign of it on the surface, but when the soil was dug back during the final stages of the cemetery renovation in October 2018, this large concrete vault was found. The largest pair of graves in the Pioneer Cemetery, the plots were owned by T.C. Richards and his wife Bernadine, who died in 1961 and 1956 respectively. They were re-interred at Grey Mountain Cemetery so the graves are empty. See more about this story at CBC.

      United States Military Cemetery

The United States Military Cemetery within the Pioneer Cemetery. After the war, all were re-interred in the United States. Records are incomplete; burials included:
* Pvt. George Walters, drowned in Whitehorse Rapids on April 28, 1942
* John Paul Tice, died on July 4, 1942, reinterred in the La Veta Cemetery in Colorado
* James Giannapolus, died of burns at Utah Camp on July 24, 1942
* Lieut. Roland R. Small, died in a Jeep accident near Quill Creek on August 9, 1942
* T/5 John Ralph Morrison, died on September 28, 1942, reinterred at the Russell Heights Cemetery in Missouri
* Pvt. Gene Wolford, died on November 23, 1942, reinterred at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia
* S/Sgt. George W. Biles, died on December 2, 1942, reinterred in the Mount Ararat Cemetery in Iowa
* Joseph Garcia, died on September 20, 1943, at the age of 21
* Fred G. Martin, died on November 1, 1943, at the age of 30