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Mathew Daley (ca.1847-1902)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Semi-Weekly Star - Wednesday, April 9, 1902

WP&YR Section Man Suicides

    Word was sent down yesterday morning from Cowley, a station about 16 miles south of White Horse on the W. P. & Y. Route, that a section man named Michael Daley had committed suicide while temporarily insane.

    Dr. Pare and Constable Kelsey of the N. W. M. P. immediately left for the scene of the tragedy to hold an inquest. From the evidence it appeared that Daley had been acting rather queer for several days and on Monday afternoon had tried to throw himself under the wheels of the passenger train but was prevented by his companions. Monday night about 7 o'clock, Daley, who was in the section house, complained about the room being too warm and not waiting to put on his hat stepped out through the door. After a time uneasiness was felt at his long absence and a search instituted, but without discovering his whereabouts. Early the next morning the search was resumed and his body found in a small creek that runs by the water tank.

    At the water tank a dam had been built across the creek and during the winter a hole had been cut in the ice about 15 feet above thed am for the purpose of drawing water. The search party Monday night suspecting Daley might have thrown himself into the water hole cut through the ice immediately above the dam, and made as thorough a search as was possible, but without result. However, on going to the dam in the morning the body was discovered in the open water, whither it had been carried by the current.

    Daley was born in Staffordshire, England, and at the time of his death was about 55 years of age. Last winter he worked at the round house at White Horse and had only been at Cowley a short time. He was buried yesterday at Cowiey.

    At the inquest thirty dollars in cash was found on his person.

April 12, 1902: We have learned since our last issue that the name of the Cowley suicide was Mathew instead of Michael Daley and that his former home was Niles, Ohio, instead of Staffordshire, England.