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Joseph "Joe" Lelievre and Clara Lorena Sloggy Lelievre

Joseph 'Joe' Lelievre, ca. 1937     Joseph Charles "Joe" Lelievre was born in 1867 on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec.

    Joe spent his early years as a lumberjack in Michigan. In 1897 he came north via the Dyea trail in company with a small group of French-Canadians. He whipsawed boat lumber at Lake Bennett, and went to Dawson City in 1898. For several years he placer-mined and ran roadhouses in the Klondike and Stewart River areas. During the 1920s and 1930s he operated a small farm in Mayo, supplying wood and growing potatoes and other vegetables for the local market.

    Joe married Clara Lorena Sloggy, who was born in 1889 in St. Paul, Minnesota (another source says September 1881 in Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota). They had one son, Charles Joseph "Bunny" Lelievre, who was born in 1908.

    Joe Lelievre died on February 23, 1964, in Whitehorse, and was buried in the Sixth Avenue Cemetery, now called the Pioneer Cemetery, but there is no marker on his grave, and even the location has been lost.

    Clara Lelievre died in 1937 while en route from Mayo to Whitehorse with her son, "Bunny". She was also buried in the Sixth Avenue Cemetery, but there is no marker on her grave, whose location has been lost as well.

    In the photo to the left below, Bunny Lelievre's wife Alice is with her father-in-law Joe Lelievre and her and Bunny's 3 daughters.