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John J. "Jack" Nicholson (1901-1950)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Friday, December 29, 1950

Whitehorse Man Dies Suddenly

    A sudden heart attack was fatal to Mr. Jack Nicholson of Whitehorse early Thursday afternoon.

    Mr. Nicholson had been to work at 17 works in the Canadian Army Thursday morning, but returned home at noon. He had been complaining of severe pains in his chest. Shortly after his arrival at home he collapsed. A neighbor, Mr. Al Wise was summoned by one of the Nicholson children who came to the Wise home crying that her father was sick. Mr. Wise called a doctor and ambulance who took Mr. Nicholson to the hospital, but he died on the way.

    Mr. Nicholson has been a resident of Whitehorse since 1928. He leaves his wife and 3 children.