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James 'Bud' Noble (1901-1959)

John Olberg Olsen (1900-1959)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Whitehorse Star - Thursday, September 3, 1959

Headline: Two Men Died at Kathleen Lake, 1959

    Two men were found dead in a fishing cabin at Kathleen Lake late last Thursday afternoon. Dead are John Olberg Olsen, 59, liquor vendor at Haines Junction, and James Noble, 58, a prospector. Both men were single.

    Death was believed to be caused by asphyxiation resulting from a defective propane refrigerator in which the pilot light had gone out. The two men were on a fishing holiday and were using the Backe cabin at the lake. They were found by Sally Racke in the tightly closed cabin.

    A dog was found with them, also dead, beneath one of the beds.

    RCMP investigated the tragic occurence.