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John Nala (1883-1914)
Fred Runda (1881-1914)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Weekly Star - Friday, September 18, 1914

Headline: Instantly Killed. Accident at Pueblo Mine Costs Lives of Two Men, 1914

    John Nala was instantly killed at the Pueblo mine last Saturday and Fred Runda was so seriously injured that he died in the hospital in this place Monday night.

    Nala and Runda, both of whom were Finlanders, were sinking a shaft down from the 400-foot level of the mine by contract and at the time of the accident were preparing eight shots for discharge. It appears that two of the fuses were lighted and that the explosions occurred while the other six were being "spitted." This was the conclusion reached by the coroner and mining inspector who conducted an inquiry, no inquest being considered necessary.

    Both the men were experienced miners. Nala was 31 years of age and Runda was probably a year or two older. The latter's wife and child had arrived from Treadwell to make their home at Pueblo less than two weeks before the sad accident occurred. Nala was buried Sunday and Runda on Tuesday.

    No blame in any way attaches to the management of the mine for the accident which was conclusively an error in judgment on the part of the men themselves. It was the first fatality to occur at the Pueblo.