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Victor Wisti (1884-1916)

Highlights of History from The Whitehorse Star

The Whitehorse Pioneer Cemetery

The Weekly Star - Friday, April 21, 1916

    Victor Wist [sic], the Finnish miner who had his head so badly crushed by a flying rock from a blast at the Pueblo mine a week ago yesterday, is still living, with a slender chance for recovery. He has been partly conscious at times, but soon relapsed.

The Weekly Star - Friday, April 21, 1916

Victor Wisti, Finnish Miner, Laid to Rest in Whitehorse Cemetery, 1916

    Victor Wisti, the Finnish miner who was injured so badly atthe Pueblo mine on the afternoon of April 6th, passed away at the General hospital early Monday morning. From the first the physician in charge, Dr. W. B. Clarke, had but slight hopes of the injured man's recovery. After being hurt Wisti remained unconscious for the greater part of the time previous to his death, except that at rare intervals he seemed to be partially aware of what was going on around him. In an effort to save his life an operation was performed upon Wisti by Dr. Clark, assisted by Dr. Gable of Skagway, on Sunday but there was no help for the unfortunate man and he died shortly afterward as above stated.

    Wednesday a number of Wisti's friends came in from the Pueblo mine to attend the funeral, which took place at 2 o'clock p.m. from the hospital morgue. The coffin was festooned with flowers and acrossit was draped a wide cream satin ribbon upon which was printed in letters of gold the following inscription in Finnish: "Waiton himon uhrina, veresi uhrata sait Kamanko vautu tuota vakevimpain lait? Lepaa rauhassa! Foivoo Raataja Veljes."

    Tuesday at 10 a.m. a coroner's jury composed of the following men, Jos. L. Wilson, foreman, W. A. Puckett, J. C. Newmarch, Wm. Sime, Robert Lowe and H. G. Dickson, summoned by Acting Coroner E. A. Dixon to inquire into the cause of Wisti's death, met and listened to the testimony of several witnesses who were present at the time of the accident, later viewed the body of the deceased and returned the following verdict:

    "The said Victor Wisti's death was caused by his having been accidentally struck on the head on the 6th day of April, 1916, by some heavy blunt instrument, the exact nature of which the evidence does not show, while working at the Pueblo mine."