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Arctic & Northern Mining

Gold Dredges in the North
Information about a few of the dredges that worked in the Yukon and Alaska.

How to Reach the Gold Fields of the Yukon River, 1895
A lengthy article from the Saturday Evening Express (Los Angeles, California) of Saturday, December 28, 1895.

Alaska's lost Rocker mine
Several newspaper articles about the legendary gold mine, dating from 1894 to 1912, are reproduced.

Atlin Silver Lead Mines (the Ruffner Mine)
This historic mine began its life in the period between the decline of Atlin's placer mines in 1917 and their resurgence in the mid-1930s.

Birth of a Giant
A well-illustrated 20-page brochure published in January 1970 describes the discovery and development of the Anvil Mine at Faro, Yukon.

Black Glacier Gold Rush, 1898
The reported rich find near Dyea, Alaska, turned out to be a hoax.

Concretions: The Other Valuable Mineral
This article by Darrell Hookey describes an interesting type of rock found near Haines Junction, Yukon.

Photographs of the Conrad Mines by L. P. Muirhead
In September 1906, Muirhead shot by far the best photographic record of these silver mines in the southern Yukon - here are 38 of them.

British Columbia's Historic Engineer Mine
An illustrated history of this famous gold mine on Taku Arm near Atlin.

The Mexican Mine Disaster at Juneau, Alaska - March 1910
On March 3, 1910, an explosion at the 1,100-foot level of the Mexican mine on Douglas Island killed 39 miners and injured about a dozen others, some severely.

Five Fingers Coal Mine, Yukon
A lengthy article from 1898 about the mine on the Yukon River, and updates to the current day.

Mining in Alaska's Fortymile District, 1953
By Robert H. Saunders, for the Alaska Department of Mines - pdf format (963KB).

Mining at Lake Bennett, British Columbia
A chronology of mining activity in and around the BC section of Lake Bennett from 1897.

Lapsed Yukon mining claims,
A lengthy list of claims about to be sold by the government for non-payment of fees.

The Giant Mine Explosion, 20th Anniversary
On September 18, 1992, an explosion at the Giant gold mine at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories killed 9 men - it wasn't an accident but a case of mass murder.

Windy Arm Silver Mining - Chronology
A timeline of events regarding the mining southeast of Carcross, Yukon, that peaked in 1905-1906 under John H. Conrad.

Venus Mines, Yukon
A compilation of information about the mine, and photos.

Historic Montana Mountain Mines
A look at some of the mines today.

Contaminated Sites in the Northwest Territories
An illustrated report from April 2006.

The Tantalus Butte Coal Mine
Carmacks, Yukon.

The Turnagain Gold Nugget
In 1937, while walking along a creek to her husband's claim in northern BC, a glint of gold caught Alice Shea's attention, and she found a huge nugget wedged in a boulder.

United Keno Hill Mines Ltd., 1978-1980
The annual reports of the company for 1978, 1979, and 1980.

Water Grant at Trail Gulch, Yukon, 1905
Two documents permitting a group of men and women to divert water to several hillside gold claims owned by other people.

Yellowknife Bear Mines
A brief history of the mine, illustrated with stock certificates from 1965.

Alaska Mineral Industry 1990
By R.C. Swainbank, T.K. Bundtzen, and J.E. Wood, for the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys - pdf format (193KB).

Fineness of Yukon placer gold
A listing of historical and current (2017) purity of placer gold in the Yukon, by creek.

Yukon creeks on which baseline surveys have been done
From Yukon Placer Mining Industry 1978-1982.

Yukon Mining Notes
Brief notes from history.

Yukore Mine, Yukon
A history of the mine back to 1893, with a 1952 newspaper article and a location map.