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Arctic & Northern Biographies

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Alexander McDonald, one of the Klondike Kings in 1899
A lengthy article from the Dawson Daily News' Mining Edition, published in September 1899. All of his mining properties are listed, with some great detail about operations.

Rev. Robert McDonald
An excellent biography detailing his life, with a focus on his 40 years as a missionary in the northern Yukon.

Les McLaughlin
A biography of CBC journalist, northern music promoter, and Yukon historian Les McLaughlin, who died in Ottawa in 2011.

Skookum Jim Mason
A review of a video on Mason's life: Keish: A Man Standing in Two Worlds, produced by Delores Smith and Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon.

Henri Meriguet
In 1962, the 20-year-old French man disappeared along the Alaska Highway on his way south from Dawson City where he was researching family history.

General William "Billy" Mitchell
This biography only briefly mentions Mitchell's important contributions to Alaska.

Captain William Moore
A former steamboat captain on the rivers of BC and Alaska, Moore saw a golden future for the remote valley he staked a homestead in, near the mouth of the Skagway River.

John Muir
This huge site does a superb site of chronicling the life of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, and one of the first writers to promote the natural wonders of Alaska.

Mulrooney / Carbonneau
Articles about Countess' Belinda Mulrooney Carbonneau and 'Count' Charles E. Carbonneau.

Saint Jacob Netsvetov
This church site gives an excellent history of this pioneer Russian Orthodox priest.

A man murdered in the mountains near Dyea, Alaska, in 1898 was buried in the Slide Cemetery at Dyea, with "Noscitur", Latin for "unknown," painted on the headboard.

Dr. H. J. Nunn
A newspaper report on his death at the age of 40, in Dawson City in 1936.

Brigadier General James A. O'Conner
A biographical sketch of the commander of the Northwest Service Command from September 1942 onward.

William Ogilvie
"Yukon and Mackenzie Explorations, 1887-88" - a report, published in 1890, on the surveys conducted by Ogilvie.

Standish O'Sullivan
An article from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner of August 2, 1941 tells of O'Sullivan's 15 months in search of gold in the Arctic regions of Alaska, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

Patsy Ann, Official Greeter of Juneau
In the heritage field, it is rare to find a Web site with the love and devotion that this site displays. To really make yourself feel warm, have a look at Patsy's life from 1929-1942.

Captain Christian Theodore Pedersen
Few individuals have had more personal impact on the development of maritime commerce and navigation in the Western Arctic than C.T. Pedersen.

Peter Peterson
A brief report on his drowning near Dyea, Alaska, in April 1898.

Thomas Radonich
The December 1956 obituary of "Carnation Tom", who arrived in the Yukon during the Klondike rush, and spent many years in Alaska.

Joseph Reinhardt
A family history search has uncovered a fascinating tale from 1898, when Reinhardt joined a small group sailing a schooner to the Klondike goldfields. Lots of original material is posted.

James D. "Buzzsaw Jimmy" Richards
The story of one of the Yukon's more colourful characters, most famous for his huge portable firewood-cutting buzzsaw.

Luc Richard
The death notice from the May 10, 1898 issue of The Caribou Sun (Caribou Crossing, Yukon).

Pete Risby
This Yukon Prospectors Hall of Fame member's dad was black, and his mom was white, and they fled from the US to escape racist attacks.

Albert Miller Rousseau
An article from The Weekly Star (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory) of Friday, November 12, 1920, describes the life and death of "A.M." Rousseau.

Barney Schwanekamp
A brief report of this Atlin miner's death in 1943.

Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore
A brief report on her 1891 visit to Sitka while writing an updated version of her popular travel guide to Alaska.

Bishop Charles John Seghers
This article from the Vancouver World of November 17, 1888 upon Segher's funeral describes his life, and his 1886 murder in Alaska.

Robert W. Service
We have an entire section of ExploreNorth devoted to the life and verse of "The Bard of the North."

B. F. Sinclair
This chilling tale explains what may have happened to 8 men drifting dow the Yukon River on a scow led by B.F. Sinclair in 1905.

Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith
"Soapy" and his gang of crooks virtually controlled Skagway during the Klondike rush - his great grandson has produced an excellent Web site about him.

George E. Storey
An article from The Klondike Nugget (Dawson, Y.T.) of January 3, 1900, tells of Storey's 8,000-mile journey from Dawson to Nome and back.

Monica Storrs
Arriving in 1929, this missionary spent 21 years in the Fort St. John area, performing church services and Sunday school, and setting up Boy Scout and Girl Guide units.

Inspector D'Arcy Edward Strickland, RNWMP
An article by Mark Gaillard, Historian, RCMP Veterans' Association.

Bishop Stringer's visit to the Arctic coast, 1924
An article from The Weekly Star of December 5, 1924.

Archdeacon Hudson Stuck
An article from The Weekly Star (Whitehorse, Yukon) of Friday, October 22, 1920, reports on his death.

Otto Sverdrup
During his 1898-1902 Arctic voyage, he explored and mapped the south and west coasts of Ellesmere Island, and discovered and named Axel Heiberg Island, the Ringnes Islands, the Sverdrup Islands and many other locations.

Princess Thom
A pair of 1890s articles about Princess Thom of Sitka, showing very different attitudes by the writers. One expounds on her business talents, the other claims that she murders women who won't turn over their husbands to her.

Claude and Marie Tidd
The Yukon Archives presents the lives of a Mounted Police officer and his wife as "A Yukon Romance."

J.D. True
From the Skagway News, an obituary for this White Pass & Yukon Route pioneer, who died in Wasilla, Alaska on September 17, 2000.

Dr. Antoine "Antony" Varicle (1853-1907)
Born in France, M. Varicle's life included a couple of grand expedition plans, to the Klondike gold fields by balloon, and to the North Pole by dogsled.

Colonel Norman Vaughan
The American Polar Society profiles one of Alaska's most-travelled dog-mushers.

George Vernon
This article describing George Vernon's trip across the Chilkoot Trail appeared in the October 1, 1898 edition of the Evening Observer, Brisbane, Australia.

Jujiro Wada
An excellent site dedicated to an Alaska pioneer who was famous in his day, but is little-known now.

Harry Waldron
Harry became famous in the 1980s and '90s for his self-appointed role as "Keeper of the Arctic Circle" on the Dempster Highway.

Mollie Walsh
Men get most of the glory, but many women joined the Klondike Gold Rush as well. A children's park in Skagway was named to honour Mollie.

Everett J. Ward
Placer gold claim No. 38 Above on Dominion Creek, one of the richest in the Klondike, was staked by Everett Ward on August 30, 1896.

Louis and Gustie Weinrich
Some brief information about this couple who were married in Dawson City in 1908.

E. J. 'Stroller' White
Elmer White arrived in Skagway in 1898, and worked at or owned newspapers in Skagway, Dawson, Whitehorse, and Juneau until his death in 1930.

Dr. Murray G. Williams
In January 1952, Dr. Williams and others barely survived a drive from Whitehorse to Atlin to assist with a difficult baby delivery.

James Wickersham
James Wickersham arived in Alaska in 1900, and became one of the Territory's most influential judges and legislators. His home in Juneau is now a State Historic Site.

Jack Wood
An article from The Whitehorse Star of March 10, 1969, describes Wood's rescue from Sheldon Lake, Yukon, by pilots John Rolls and Lloyd Ryder.

Le Roy Woods
This lengthy article from The Alaskan newspaper of 1891 describes Captain Woods' 1876 capture of a schooner illegally killing fur seals.

Scott and Pauline Woolever
Lived in Dawson in the late 1890s and early 1920s, eventually settled at Bellingham, Washington.

Biographies 'A' to 'E'
Biographies 'F' to 'L'