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An Explorer's Guide to Elsa, Yukon

Location: on the Silver Trail at Km 94

Population (March 2022): 0

Elevation: 808 meters (2,650 feet)

Postal Code: Y0B 1J0

At least 3 books have been written about the Elsa area - used copies (and some new) are available through the AbeBooks network:
  • Cashing In, by Jane Gaffin

  • Hills of Silver: The Yukon's Mighty Keno Hill Mine, by Dr. Aaro E. Aho

  • A Rock Fell on the Moon: Dad and the Great Yukon Silver Ore Heist, by Alicia Priest

Photos of Elsa, Yukon
Thirteen photos shot between 2002 and 2012.

The Powder Magazine - Elsa, Yukon
The newsletter in the former silver mining town, starting in August 1973. We have posted 31 editions as pdfs.

Elsa, Yukon Territory
The Whitehorse Star, June 30, 1979

Elsa, Yukon Territory
Elsa. 1980