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An Explorer's Guide to Atlin, British Columbia

The historic buildings along Pearl Avenue in Atlin, BC

Map of Atlin
Visitor Services in Atlin
Books About Atlin
Atlin Photos & Stories
More Information about Atlin


A Guide to the Atlin Pioneer Cemetery
An inventory of many of the headboards and headstones.

Journey to Atlin, 1900
An article in The Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) of June 23, 1900, describes Cy Warman's journey on 3 steamboats from White Horse to Atlin.

Surprise Lake Dam near Atlin, 1903
Placer miners built a wooden dam on 21-mile-long Surprise Lake in 1903, and its ruins can still be seen today. Here is the history and a current photo.

Vote for Captain John Irving, 1907
A large front-page article in The Weekly Star (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory) of January 25, 1907, urges Atlin voters to support Captain John Irving in the February 2 election.

Atlin, 1913
This 6-page illustrated article is from the school history book 'History and Geography of British Columbia', by Lawson and Young, published in 1913.

Atlin, British Columbia in the 1930s
A collection of photos shot by Miss Eva Cayot while on an Alaska cruise in the 1930s.

A History of the Atlin Inn
This hotel, closed in 1936, helped make Atlin a world-famous tourist destination in the 1920s.

Atlin Silver Lead Mines (the Ruffner Mine)
This historic mine began its life in the period between the decline of Atlin's placer mines in 1917 and their resurgence in the mid-1930s.

Vanishing BC: Atlin
Stories, paintings and photos gathered by Michael Kluckner.

Atlin, 1898-1910: The Story of a Gold Boom
The British Columbia Historical Quarterly of July-October 1952 contains this classic 58-page history by W. W. Bilsland (pdf, 8MB).

Scenic Atlin, The Switzerland of the North
This 4-page brochure, 5½ x 8½ inches in size, is undated but is probably from the late 1950s or early '60s.

Atlin Photos & Stories

Atlin Images
Historic photos, and current photos by Murray Lundberg show the town and the area around it.

Atlin Road
Information about and photos of the road in from the Alaska Highway, as well as the Warm Bay Road.

A Winter Road Trip to Atlin
An article at Destination BC about a 2016 trip, with 14 photos and a drone video, by Murray Lundberg.

Re-discovering the Charm of Atlin
An article at Destination BC from 2014, with 27 photos, by Murray Lundberg.

A 3-Day Weekend in Atlin, BC
A shorter version of the 2014 Destination BC article above, with 9 photos.

Storm & Rainbow Chasing Along the Alaska Highway and Atlin Road
A motorcycle ride on a day with dramatic lighting in June 2012, with 13 photos.

A Day in the Atlin Back Country
A journal from August 2011, with 33 photos, takes you far into the maze of mining roads around Atlin.

A Day in Atlin, BC
A journal from a day-trip from Whitehorse in 2010, with 21 photos.

Atlin Keeper
A 1998 watercolour by Robert Genn.

Atlin Photos
Henk Binnendijk has posted 8 large photos - part of his extensive series of galleries from Alaska, the Yukon and northern BC.

Paintings of Atlin
Dominik Modlinski has posted over 30 paintings of the scenery and people of the area.

Where the World Might Find You
This lengthy article by Mark Levine is from the September 1998 Outside magazine.

More Information about Atlin

Atlin Visitor Association
Lots of information about the area's history and services - the Atlin Claim visitors guide can be downloaded, as can a 2-page Atlin Road log.

An eclectic mix of photos, commentary, maps, links and other information from an enthusiastic Atlinite.

Taku River Tlingit First Nation
A new site is under construction.

Once the guide to Atlin, but appears to be gone now.

Another prominent guide has sold the domain to an unrelated business.

Government Agent
Contact information and a list of the many services available, including park permits and fishing licences.

Map of Atlin

Click on the aerial photo from Bing Maps below to open an interactive map in a new window.
Map of Atlin, BC